In Indonesia, especially in Maluku, there are traditions that are very terrible and of course very dangerous. One such tradition is the Pataheri tradition. The Pataheri tradition is a tradition that originates from the Naulu Tribe. The Naulu tribe (also spelled Noaulu or Nuaulu) inhabit the south-central region of Seram Island, Maluku.

The main characteristic of the Naulu tribe is the red headband worn by adult men. Generally, the Naulu people hold traditional beliefs passed down from their ancestors.

Actually, there are two rituals that are considered unusual by the Naulu tribe, namely the tradition of alienating women who are menstruating and giving birth, and the tradition of beheading humans as offerings.

Pataheri is a ritual that is performed for a boy who has grown up. In the Naulu tribe tradition, a man who has grown up must wear a red headband made of beaver cloth.

However, to get this headband, there is one condition that must be met by the child. As a condition, the child must behead someone else, then he is allowed to wear the red headband.

But fortunately, this haunted tradition has not been enforced since the early 1900s. However, it appeared again illegally in 2005.

At that time, two headless bodies were found in Amahai District, Central Maluku Regency. After investigating, the two poor people were beheaded for traditional ritual offerings of the Naulu tribe. The culprit was finally sentenced to death by the Masohi District Court.

Now, this terrible tradition has been abolished, both for offerings and for the ritual of adopting tribal children to become men. But instead, the offering for the ritual of raising a Naulu tribe child to become an adult is by slaughtering a cuscus.

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