In Palembang City, there is the largest and historical market, Pasar 16 Ilir. This market has been established since 1821 or since the Sultanate of Palembang Darussalam and has become one of the shopping destinations for the people of South Sumatra.

Pasar 16 Ilir consists of four floors and is open every day from 07.00 WIB to 16.00 WIB. It is strategically located, which is close to the Ampera Bridge and also very close to the mouth of the Musi River.

If you are in Palembang City, access to this location can be reached by taking city transportation (angkot), which mostly goes to this location. In addition, you can also take the Transmusi bus or don’t want to be bothered by taking online transportation.

Interestingly, access to this market can be reached by river transportation, either by boat, boat or speedboat. Not infrequently those who come to this market are from the surrounding water communities.

In this market, almost all goods can be found. On the ground floor you can find souvenir products, from retail to wholesale. Not only that, there are also many jewelry shops, and all kinds of accessories.

On the next floor to the fourth floor, many clothing products are sold, ranging from children’s clothing to teenagers, school clothes, shoes and bags, to used clothes that are still fit to be worn.

The Pasar 16 building consists of four floors, it’s just that you need to know that around the Pasar 16 area there are many shophouses and wholesale and retail shops.

Items that can be found range from household necessities, vegetables, fruits, electronics, machine tools, curtains, all kinds of fabrics, various culinary delights to souvenir centers at relatively cheap prices.

Every day this market is never empty of visitors, the shops are increasingly crowded, even the road around Pasar 16 is used by traders to sell. The road that used to be wide is now getting narrower. Visitors also usually walk to browse the items they are looking for.

For wholesale goods that are generally sought after, such as batik cloth, children’s clothing, adult clothing, wedding souvenirs, bags and shoes, which generally come from Tanah Abang.

One of the children’s clothing wholesalers, Ali (45 years) said, this market is getting more and more crowded on Saturdays and Sundays. The number of buyers can increase up to 100 percent compared to normal days, it’s just that now the purchase rate has begun to decrease due to the presence of online stores and malls.

“If the number of buyers originating from Palembang City has started to be few, most of them are selling around Pasar 16. Currently, most buyers come from surrounding districts and cities,” he said. Come on, go to Palembang.