Indonesia is a country that has a variety of delicious traditional foods. One of them is named Pantiaw. Pantiaw is a traditional food from Bangka Belitung, whose appearance looks similar to kwetiau,

The difference between Pantiaw and kwetiau is the way they are served. In Bangka Belitung there are two kinds of Pantiaw. First, Pantiaw is made with rice flour, then for the second, Pantiaw is made with wheat flour.

The ingredient that is often used to make Pantiaw is rice flour, although not a few Bangka Belitung use wheat flour.

Pantiaw has a white color resembling milk. The shape of the pantiaw resembles flat noodles with a chewy texture. As said earlier, pantiaw is served differently from kwetiau. Pantiaw is usually eaten with spices that are placed on it.

The seasoning is made from ground fish. In addition, Pantiaw can also be eaten dry or wet. For wet, it is usually poured with boiled bakwan sauce.

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