In Indonesia, there are various types of activities to celebrate the national independence day. The celebration of national independence is always carried out by several competitions such as a cracker eating competition, popping balloons, putting a pencil in a bottle, carrying marbles with a spoon, and areca climbing competitions. and others.

In this competition there are competitions that have historical value. One such competition is the Pinang Climbing Competition. This competition requires each team to work together to climb a pole in order to take a prize that is hung from the top of the pole.

However, what makes it interesting is the presence of oil that covers all parts of the mast. So that makes it slippery to climb. Not infrequently funny events often happen and become entertainment for the people watching.

Based on various historical witnesses, it turns out that the areca climbing competition has existed since the colonial period. This competition is a tradition brought by the Dutch. In the Dutch era, this competition was called Klimmast or which in Indonesian means pole climbing.

Before the independence of Indonesia, this competition was held on 31 August to celebrate Queen Wilhelmina’s birthday and on the big days of the Dutch state as well as a celebration party for the Dutch in Indonesia.

At that time, this competition was organized by the Dutch for natives. They will hang staples from an areca tree trunk. Then smear the oil all over the trunk. The gifts that are hung are usually food and necessities such as cheese, sugar, clothes, and flour.

Food and necessities were very luxurious and expensive items for the natives at that time. Why is that? Because at that time the indigenous population had an economic level that was completely short of food and other basic goods.

No wonder, if those who are participants are competing to take the prize. It was a strenuous attempt to take the prize which provided consolation for the Dutch. Seeing the natives struggling to get cheap goods for the Dutch was entertainment and a laughing stock.

But in this day and age the notion of a panjat pinang competition means that everything that is desired needs to be struggled. In this day and age the areca climbing competition also has very tempting prizes such as bicycles, radios, rice cookers, pans, cauldrons and even prizes of some money.

So, is this exciting and entertaining competitive activity in your country? Hopefully this article can add to your insight and make you happy.