Pak Ande is a stupid husband who has a child named Ande. He has no job. His wife was very worried about him and tried to find work for her husband. One day, Mr. Ande was offered a job on a ship. The ship will stop at Pak Ande’s village once a week. Pak Ande is not really that interested, but his wife is very urgent. Pak Ande was forced to agree.

After getting ready and supplied with food or cakes, in the morning Mr. Ande departed from the house to the port. After Mr. Ande’s body was no longer visible when he entered the corner, Mak Ande and his son continued their sleep because it was still early. Apparently Mr. Ande did not go to the port and returned home. He crept up and climbed the houses.

For seven days he was in the para and the cakes that his wife provided were what he ate for seven days. On top of that, Mr. Ande sleeps at night. It was during his sleep that the rats came to Mr. Ande because of the smell of cake left on Mr. Ande’s lips. The rats bit Mr. Ande’s lip little by little so that Mr. Ande’s lips ran out. Pak Ande was actually in a lot of pain, but he didn’t dare scream because he was afraid of his wife. Actually, he wanted to beat up the rats, but he was afraid of his wife being heard too. Finally he was willing to lose his lips.

Because it’s been a week, the ship that sailed back to Pak Ande’s village. Mak Ande gets ready to greet Mr. Ande while cleaning the entire house, including the kitchens. When pulling the cloth on top of that, Pak Ande was seen hiding. His face was black from the kitchen smoke. With a pale face with fear, Mr. Ande came down. His wife was very angry because she was cheated, but her son was terrified to see Mr. Ande’s lipless face.

Very angry, Mak Ande and his son left the house, but Mr. Ande followed from a distance. Due to the long journey, Mak Ande felt thirsty and intended to climb a coconut tree, but could not climb. It was at this time that Mak Ande was forced to call Mr. Ande, who followed him from a distance and climbed up. After drinking coconut water, the thirst has not subsided.

Arriving in the forest, they heard the sound of people eating, but it was very strong. After being peeked, it turned out that a pair of Gergasi were eating. They are forced to keep quiet for fear. However, Mr. Ande’s son could not help being hungry and screamed for food. Hearing the scream, a pair of gergies came out of their nest and they were very angry and would eat Mr. Ande and his family. However, seeing Mr. Ande’s face that was without lips, a pair of nervous frightened men ran away leaving their nest. After the gergation was gone, then Mr. Ande and his family dared to stand up and inspect the nest. It was at this time that a lot of gold and diamonds were discovered. Mr. Ande took all the gold and diamonds and since then Mr. Ande and his family have become rich, but the fool is still not lost.


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