Once upon a time, long ago in the Padang Bolak area, there lived in a rickety hut of an old widow with her son named Sampuraga. Even though they live in poverty, they still love each other. To fulfill their daily needs, they work as wage labor in other people’s fields every day. Both of them are very diligent and honest, so many rich people like them.

One afternoon, Sampuraga and his employer rested under a shady tree after working since morning. While enjoying lunch, they chatted in an intimate atmosphere. As if there is no distance between the employer and the worker.

“O, Sampuraga! You are very young. If I may suggest, you should go to a country that is very fertile and the people live in prosperity, ”said the Master.

“Which country do you mean?” asked Sampuraga curiously.

“The name Mandailing country. There, the average population owns rice fields and fields. It is also very easy for them to get money by panning for gold in the river, because the land there contains gold, ”explained the Master.

The master’s description catapulted Sampuraga’s dream.

Actually, I have long dreamed of wanting to go overseas in search of a better job. I want to make my mother happy, ”said Sampuraga earnestly.

Your aspirations are very noble, Sampuraga! You are indeed a devoted child, ”said the Master.

Returning from working in his employer’s farm, Sampuraga then expressed his wish to his mother.

Mom, Raga wants to go overseas to find a better job. Raga wants to change our long-suffering fate, ”said Sampuraga to his mother.

“Where are you going to wander, my son?” asked his mother.

“To Mandailing country, ma’am. The owner of the field told Raga that the people there live a prosperous and prosperous life, because the land is very fertile, ”Sampuraga explained to his mother.

“Go on, my son! Even though I am very worried that we will not be able to meet again, because you are getting old, I have no reason to forbid you to go. I’m sorry, because all this time I have never made you happy, my son, ”said Sampuraga’s mother with emotion.

“Thank you mom! Raga promised to come back soon if Raga was successful. Pray for the body, ma’am! ”Sampuraga asked for his mother’s blessing.

“Yes, my son! Prepare supplies that you will bring! ” exclaimed the mother.

After receiving the blessing of his mother, Sampuraga immediately prepared everything.

The next day, Sampuraga said goodbye to his mother. “Mom, Raga is leaving! Take care of yourself, don’t work too hard! ” Sampuraga suggested to his mother.

Yes, be careful on the road! Don’t forget to come back quickly if you’ve succeeded! ” hope the mother.

Before leaving his rickety hut, Sampuraga kissed his mother’s hand, whom he loved so dearly. An atmosphere of emotion enveloped the hearts of the mother and child who were about to separate. Not felt, tears came out of the mother’s eyelids. Sampuraga could not contain his tears. He then hugged his mother, the mother replied with a tight hug, then said: “Never mind, my child! If God wills, we will meet again, ”said the mother.

After that Sampuraga left his mother alone. For days Sampuraga has been walking through the wilderness and passing through several villages. One day, he arrived in the Kingdom of Pidoli, Mandailing. He was very fascinated to see the country. The residents are friendly, each has a house with a beautiful building that has a palm fiber roof. A palace stands majestically in the middle of the city crowd. Temples made of bricks are found in every corner of the city. All of this indicates that the inhabitants of the land are prosperous and prosperous.

In that city, Sampuraga tried to apply for a job. His first application was immediately accepted. He worked for a wealthy merchant. The Master really believes in him, because he is very diligent and honest. The employer had tested Sampuraga’s honesty several times, it turned out that he was a very honest young man. Therefore, the employer wants to give him the capital to open his own business. In a short time, Sampuraga’s trading business grew rapidly. He saved the profit he got to increase his capital, so that his business was getting more and more advanced. Shortly thereafter, he became known as a young, wealthy entrepreneur.

The employer was very happy to see Sampuraga’s success. He wants to marry Sampuraga to his daughter, who is known to be the most beautiful in the Pidoli kingdom.

“Body, you are a good and diligent child. Will I make you my son-in-law? ” asked the Master.

“With pleasure, sir! I am willing to marry your beautiful daughter, ”answered Sampuraga.

Their wedding was held on a large scale according to Mandailing customs. Preparations began one month before the event was held. Dozens of buffaloes and goats to be slaughtered were provided. The best Gordang Sambilan and Gordang Boru were also prepared to entertain the guests.

The news of the festive wedding party had spread to all corners of the region. All residents have learned about the news, including Sampuraga’s mother. The old woman could hardly believe that her son would marry a noble girl, the daughter of a wealthy merchant.

Ah, there is no way my son will marry a rich noble’s daughter, while he is the son of a poor widow. Maybe the name is the same, “that crossed the mind of the old widow.

Although there were still doubts in her heart, the old mother wanted to confirm the news she had received. After preparing sufficient supplies, he went to the Mandailing country on foot to witness the marriage of his only child. On arrival in the Pidoli kingdom, there was a crowd and there was also the voice of Gordang Shaking shyly. With shuffling steps, the old grandmother approached the crowd. What a surprise, when he saw a young man he knew very well was sitting side by side with a beautiful daughter. The young man is Sampuraga, his own biological child.

Due to deep longing, he couldn’t help himself. Suddenly he shouted for his son’s name.

“Sampuragaaa …!”

Sampuraga was very surprised to hear the familiar voice in his ears. “Ah, it can’t be your mother’s voice,” thought Sampuraga while looking for the source of the voice in the middle of the crowd. A few moments later, suddenly an old woman ran over to him.

Sampuraga… My son! It’s me your mother, son! ” exclaimed the old grandmother while stretching out her arms to embrace Sampuraga.

Sampuraga, who was sitting side by side with his wife, was like being struck by lightning. His face suddenly turned red hot, as if on fire. He was very ashamed of the invited guests, because the old woman suddenly recognized him as a child.

Hey, ugly girl! It’s good that you claim to be my mother. I don’t have an ugly mother like you! Go away from here! Don’t mess up my program! ”Shouted Sampuraga.

Sampuragaaa…, my child! I am your mother who gave birth to and raised you. Why did you forget mom? Mother has been missing you for a long time. Embrace Mother, son! ” The old woman’s mother.

“Not! You’re not my mother! My mother has passed away long ago. Executioner! Get rid of this old granny! ” Sampuraga’s orders.

Sampuraga’s heart was completely closed. He had the heart to deny and expel his own biological mother. All the invitees who witnessed the incident were moved. However, no one dared to intervene.

The poor old woman was then dragged away by two of Sampuraga’s hires to leave the party. With tears in her eyes, the old woman prayed:

“Oh, my God! If it is true that the young man is Sampuraga, teach him a lesson! He has denied his own biological mother. “

Instantly, suddenly the sky was covered with thick and black clouds. Lightning strikes muttered. Not long after, heavy rain fell, followed by a thunderous sound that seemed to be breaking out eardrums. All residents who were present at the party ran to save themselves, while Sampuraga’s mother disappeared somewhere. In a short time, the venue for the party sank instantly. None of the residents survived, including Sampuraga and his wife.

A few days later, the place had turned into a very hot pool of water. In the vicinity are several large limestone rocks that resemble buffalo. In addition, there are also two piles of sandy soil and colored mud that resemble foodstuffs. Local residents think that all of these are incarnations of the curse of Sampuraga’s wedding ceremony. By the local community, the place was later given the name “Sampuraga Pond”. Until now, this place has become one of the most visited tourist areas in the Mandailing area.


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