Indonesia has a lot of cultural richness and cultural heritage. One of the richness of the culture and customs is called the culture “Ninik Mamak” found in the traditional community of the Minangkabau tribe. In Minangkabau cultural customs,

Penghulu as Ninik Mamak, the customary ruler in Nagari is a member of Kerapatan Adat from the Lembaga Kesatuan Masyarakat adat adat who plays an active role in the development and construction of the custom “basandi syarak syarak basandi kitabullah”.

Based on this, Ninik Mamak, the chief acting officer, is required to improve his knowledge in the field of leadership and customary law, especially those related to sako and pusako as something that is very felt today.

The role of Ninik Mamak in the community as an informal leader is required to motivate nephews in various activities in the implementation of physical and non-physical development.

Ninik Mamak, the customary chief, is required to have knowledge in business and in accordance with our respective activities so that the nephew understands enough about the desires contained in the business we organize, not just just to rule but Ninik Mamak is really demanded in all activities accordingly with its duties and functions in the midst of society.

Ninik Mamak is a person who has good manners and good manners so that he becomes a role model and coveted by his nephew. Ninik Mamak in each activity if weighing equally and if sharing the same amount means putting something in its place that is lamak dek awak katu dek urang.

When Ninik Mamak has done his job as a leader among his nephews, that is, in telling the truth and promising to be fulfilled when the debt is paid and the debt is received.

Taking good luck to the winners and taking an example to those who have, where in the past where Ninik Mamak, the chief of customary actors, really became a role model and dream by the nephew not only that but also by a non-sapayuang tribe, even more so by the general public.

It will be a question for us together why in the past Ninik Mamak was an authoritative customary leader in the community, where their words were heard and his instructions were followed with a full sense of responsibility, this is because Ninik Mamak in his job as an informal leader in the midst of every community his activities and speech, he said, never caused any harm to the nephew or members of the community.

If there is a dispute or dispute between the nephew under the umbrella of his greatness, then it is discussed, up and down the stairs and finally get the meeting points where both parties to the dispute receive the decision presented by Ninik Mamak, the customary chief with pleasure between the two sides the disputing party, no one feels the loss between the two parties.