Nasi Krawu is one of the famous traditional foods in Gresik, East Java. Nasi Krawu consists of rice and various complementary menus such as shredded meat, chili sauce and poyah or serundeng made from grated coconut. This food is usually served on banana leaves or often called pincok.

In ancient times, Nasi Krawu originated from Madura. This food was then brought to Gresik by immigrants from Madura who tried to sell there. Because of its distinctive and very delicious taste, Nasi Krawu is starting to be recognized by the Gresik people and has become one of the typical foods there.

The name Nasi Krawu itself comes from the term krawuk, which in the terms of the Gresik people means “to pick up any by hand”. Because most sellers serve and prepare their menus only by hand, so many call it Sego Krawu.

One of the features of this Nasi Krawu lies in its side dishes consisting of shredded meat, serundeng and chili sauce. Shredded beef is beef cooked with beef offal such as tripe, intestines, liver and then shredded. Then the serundeng is presented in two color variants, namely yellow and red. As for the sambal, it is a spicy chili sauce which has a distinctive taste and is very appetizing.

Nasi Krawu is usually served on a banana leaf. The banana leaves are then filled with rice and followed by shredded meat, serundeng and finally chili sauce. For serving this Krawu rice is usually divided into two types, namely Wet Krawu Rice and Dry Krawu Rice. For Wet Krawu Rice, it is usually given a little sauce, while for Dry Krawu Rice it is usually without sauce.

This Krawu rice has a very special taste, especially in the side dishes. The shredded meat in Nasi Krawu has a distinctive taste, the meat also feels soft and tender. Serundeng is also very varied because it is processed into 3 types of flavors, namely savory, spicy and sweet, so that this Krawu Rice is even richer in taste. Then for the chili sauce is also no less delicious, because it has a spicy taste that matches the distinctive aroma of shrimp paste so it is very appetizing. As for the rice, it feels fluffier, making this Nasi Krawu dish even more delicious.

To find this traditional food is very easy when you go to the Gresik area. So, are you interested in trying to enjoy the delicious Nasi Krawu? Hopefully the articles we make can add to your insight.


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