Indonesia has a variety of delicious traditional foods. One of the delicious foods from Indonesia is Nasi Jaha which comes from Maluku. This food is made from the basic ingredients of glutinous rice and coconut milk which is filled into bamboo sticks and then grilled. Previously, the inside of the bamboo stalk was coated with banana leaves so that later the jaha rice could be easily removed.

The delicious taste of Nasi Jaha comes from the spices it uses. Usually, this food is easily obtained when there are big day celebrations and traditional ceremonies. To process jaha rice is quite difficult. Because you have to go through several cooking processes until it’s completely cooked.

In addition, accuracy in measuring the ingredients that will be used to make jaha rice is also needed. If not, the jaha rice will taste tasteless if the spices are lacking or will taste bitter if the spices are not the right amount.

Nasi Jaha may at first glance look like lemang from West Sumatra or lemper. However, they are different. The difference is that Nasi Jaha has a ginger flavor and Nasi Jaha is not filled with meat like lemper. Nasi jaha is also made from glutinous rice and wrapped in banana leaves. Usually, Nasi Jaha is eaten with skipjack, dabu dabu, and fish gohu.

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