Apart from Corn Katemak, Kupang city has another traditional food called Muku Loto. This traditional food has a quite unique name. It is a food made from banana.

This food has been around since ancient times, and in the past this Muku Loto was only cooked when there were traditional events. Served as a vegetable addition at parties. The name Muku Loto actually comes from the word Muku which means banana, and Loto which means destroyed, so literally Muku Loto means crushed banana.

Actually, Muku Loto is cooked using only young bananas that are cut off the outer skin, so there is still a little bit of skin left inside. Then usually mixed with pork, beef, or buffalo, after all are cut into small pieces, then all boiled together and stirred until thickened.

This Muku Loto food is actually very rare, so if you want to taste it, come when there are large traditional events that serve Muku Loto as one of the menus.

This food has a tasty and delicious taste. So, are you interested in eating a variety of Indonesian specialties? Come on, keep getting interesting information from Indonesiar.com to broaden your knowledge.


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