It is stated in the Babad Tanah Jawa, that Panembahan Senapati was meditating in Nglipura, near Bantul. After completing the meditation, then Ki Juru Mertani asked him, “What did you get in your tapamu?”

PanembahanSenapati replied, “I got the johar latitude in Nglipura.”

Ki Juru Mertani immediately asked again, “Is the johar latitude capable of eliminating danger”? “

“No, Uncle,” said Panembahan Senapati.

“Then, meditate again,” said Ki Juru Mertani. Ki Juru Mertani continued his words. “Drift a stick of wood in the river. You climb on the drifting wood. After arriving at the South Sea, you will find the Queen of South. ” Panembahan Senapati carried out what Ki Juru Mertani said. The Babad Tanah Jawa mentions the meeting between Panembahan Senopati and Ratu Laut Kidul. Ratu Laut Kidul is willing to help Panembahan Senopati _. with an army of spirits. Panembahan Senopati then met Ki Juru Mertani. Well, now what do you get from your tap? ” It’s true that uncle said, I can meet the Queen

South.” “So, what do you get?” asked Ki Juru Mertani.

“I was given Jayangkatong oil and Degan Eggs,” answered Panembahan Senapati.

“The egg you get, give it to the gardeners,” said Juru Mertani. Long story short, after Ki Juru Taman ate the egg. An oddity occurred in Ki Juru Taman. His body transformed into a huge and terrifying giant.

Furthermore, the giant was assigned to guard Mount Merapi. The place for guarding is Plawangan. So, in the event of a disaster caused by Mount Merapi, the giant will guard and hold back so that the disaster does not spread to the south, especially the Yogyakarta Palace. That is why, the lava that was released by Mount Merapi never flowed south. Thus, the area to the south was always protected from disaster.

Meanwhile, Jayangketong oil was ordered to be thrown away. But before that, it was opened first and rubbed on the two boys and girls who were there. After being hit by Jayangkatong, their bodies were not visible. The invisible boy is nicknamed the Stage Kyai, while the girl becomes Nyai Koso. Until now, they are believed to be loyal to guard the White Banyan Tree north of the mosque which is on the south side of the road.


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