Have you ever heard the term Papuan Mop? If you don’t know, Mob is the Papuan version of stand-up comedy. Mob is a means of joking and unwinding among Papuans. Usually, Mob is told alternately when hanging out with friends and relatives. Mob itself is lifted from almost all orders of human life. Starting from religion, art, traditions and culture, ethnicity and language, to divinity.

Among Papuans, Mob is short for “Cheating the People”. So, everything that is raised in the Mob story does not mean to demean or insult certain circles. Deceiving people means, the story that is raised is not a real story but only for a joke.

This Papuan Mob is widely known. As we know, Epenkah? and cupen To! which appeared in Merauke four years ago is now well known. They also started from Mob, but with a little innovation, namely its delivery through short videos on Youtube.

Well, here are 5 Papuan Mobs that not only make you laugh, but also convey messages of life values ​​and social criticism.

1. Hope for Heaven, End of Hell

I don’t know what caused it. One evening a man died. The spirit of this man walked to a gate where the angel told him his actions during his life on earth. He walked while paying attention to the right and left of the road. On several posters, he found writing that kept him thinking. People whose sins are 100 and above will immediately go to hell. Meanwhile, those who carry 99 sins will enter heaven.

Having just walked a few meters, he also met an angel sitting in a chair with a large book in his hand. The book that contains everything as long as he lived in the world. The angel began to examine the notes in the book one by one. Not long after, the angel lifted his head and said. Congratulations, you will go to heaven. Heard, that result. The man gasped happily. I was so happy, he said. Yeahh .. The dogs. Cave to heaven.

Not even a second, the angel said again. Sorry sir, your sin has even reached 100, please go to Hell. Apparently, without realizing it, initially this man’s sins amounted to 99 and was only one sin less. At the end of the story, the expression of his happiness using the word “Dog” made him have to change directions to hell hehehehe.

The message: Sometimes things that are thought to be small and simple can trigger big things that we can regret for the rest of our lives

2. Pastor and Cheating Competition

One morning after the pastor was leading the Sunday Service. He came out of the church and found several young children surrounding a puppy in the church yard. He also asked the children.

What are you doing?

One of the children answered

Father, we are still competing to cheat, the one who is the cleverest one has the right to get this puppy!

The pastor also responded quickly.

You know, cheating is sin, forbidden by God. You can’t do that. Father, when you were your age you never cheated! The answer.

Everyone fell silent, but one of the children spoke again. Friends, we’ve got the winner! Give the puppy to the preacher!

The statement came from the little boy because the pastor said that as a child he never cheated .. heheheh

The message: In life, we are good at seeing the mistakes of others, but forget our own mistakes. Though we could be worse than people we think are wrong and bad.

3. Mathematics Teacher and Student Answers

In one elementary school, the teacher teaches Mathematics to grade 2 elementary school students. The teacher teaches about reduction.

The teacher asked. Children, 10 – 5 = how many?

Because the children find it difficult to answer. Teacher, take an example:

If you have 10 bananas and you eat 5 bananas. How much is left now? Asked the teacher’s mother.

One of the children immediately raised a finger while asking. Mother … Are all 10 bananas ripe or are they young?

The teacher replied. Well … all ripe, don’t you want to eat young bananas?

Quickly, the boy answered. Mom, when all the bananas are all ripe, then I’ll eat 10 of them straight away.

So the result of 10 – 5 = 0 for this child, because everything was eaten.

The message. The teaching of a teacher is what will shape the mindset, character, and future of the younger generation. So, being a teacher is actually a tough task because a little mistake has a big risk for the nation’s generation.

4.Drawing tasks

One day the teacher’s mother teaching grade 1 elementary school students. He gave them the task of drawing whatever they knew. The reward, for students who complete their work, is allowed to leave early. All students in the class also competed.

Within seconds, one of the students in the class stood up and came forward to turn in his assignment. The student simply draws a rectangular city on paper that is only given a straight line with a length of a few inches at the bottom of the box.

Mother … this is my drawing assignment, done! While submitting the results.

Wow … what picture is this? asking.

While pointing at his work, the student explained!

Mother … in my house there was a hole between my room and my brother’s room. Naaah, every night a mouse often goes through this hole. When the rat’s body was in my brother’s room, his tail was often seen from my room. Well … that’s what I drew, ma’am. This box is the wall. While the line below is the tail, because the body is behind this wall, ma’am.

Finally, with a heavy heart, the teacher agreed to the boy to come home heheheheh

The message. Everything that is logical and makes sense is not always true. So, don’t be quick to believe information without seeing the facts.

5. Sim Card and Mobile

One day a couple dating in a corner of a park. The girl sat a few inches from the boy. The boy continues to seduce with a million weapons of poetic words.

Guy. What you do not believe, yes, if I really love you!

Girl. I really believe, but still have a little doubt. You’re a boy, like lying to girls!

Guy. Believe me dear, I love you like a card and a cellphone. They are destined for a pair and cannot be separated. If I had the cellphone, then you were the only card that would be distracted dear. This is true I swear I promise to you! He continued again.

Girl. Oyah, I’m sorry, honey! I already doubt with you. The girl started hugging her boyfriend.

Guy. Smiling and hugging her lover tightly. The boy also said in his heart. This girl knows what or not, if a cellphone made in China usually has two cards in it hehehehehe

The message. For girls, you have to be extra careful to approach guys if you don’t want to be hurt in the future because of being designed.


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