Indonesia has processed traditional foods that have delicious flavors. One of these delicious traditional foods is Mie Godog. Processed noodles are included in one of the typical Javanese dishes, especially Jogjakarta. Mie godog, which means boiled noodles, is sold on the roadside at night.

This traditional food is usually cooked on an iron skillet using a charcoal fire. Mie godog has a delicious savory taste that is delicious when eaten. This traditional food is perfect when served warm or hot.

In addition, the noodle dish is also equipped with chicken, eggs and vegetables such as green mustard, cabbage, chicken stock, eggs, celery, green onions, sweet soy sauce, sugar, salt, fried onions and pickles.

This traditional food from Indonesia can also be made at home. So, are you interested in trying this traditional food? Come on, take a trip to Indonesia.


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