There are so many delicious processed foods in Indonesia. Of some Indonesian specialties, some of which are processed food in the form of Instant noodles. One of the most popular instant noodle preparations is Dok Dok noodle.

Processed food is mostly sold by mobile food vendors, burjo stalls and typical West Java stalls. The thick texture and delicious taste mixed with spicy really spoil the tongue, especially when eaten in hot or warm conditions when the atmosphere is cold.

Dok dok noodle tastes very delicious even though it uses instant noodles that have been mixed with eggs, chunks of green mustard, sausage slices, sliced ​​tomatoes, chunks of onions, chunks of cayenne pepper, chili sauce, cooking oil, sweet soy sauce and water.

Apart from its delicious taste, of course this food can make your stomach not hungry. You can also make this food yourself. This food is very easy to make. So, are you interested in trying to make or eat doc noodles? Come on, share articles from with many people to gain insight about Indonesia.


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