Indonesia is a country that has a variety of delicious food. One of the delicious foods from Indonesia is the maxuba cake. Maxuba cake is a traditional Indonesian food originating from Palembang. This food is usually served at wedding parties or family events and during the Eid celebration.

This cake is almost similar to kojo, another traditional Palembang family cake and current treat. It’s just that, maksuba contains milk and is not green in color. The color tends to be yellow with black lines in the middle, at first glance this cake is similar to a layer cake legit. Like other wet cakes, maksuba is made from the basic ingredients of eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla, and of course white sweetened condensed milk.

The uniqueness of the maxuba cake lies in the egg ingredients, because what is used is not chicken eggs but duck eggs. This makes the texture of the cake fluffier and dense and tastes delicious. No less than 28-30 duck eggs are needed to make a maxuba cake pan. But now there are not a few who make maxuba cakes from chicken eggs.

In the past, the maxuba cake could only be cooked by a Panggong, the name for a traditional cook in Palembang. That said, Panggong has inherited the ability to cook this cake from generation to generation. Nowadays everyone can make this delicious cake. Even though the basic ingredients are simple, it’s not easy to make.

Patience and patience are the main keys. Especially if it is cooked using a traditional grill made from firewood or wood charcoal. Because besides having to monitor the condition of the cakes being cooked so they don’t burn, we also have to keep the coals on so that the heat is perfect. It’s different if we use a gas or electric grill.

This cake must be made layer by layer where each layer requires a 250 millimeter dough containing a mixture of duck egg, sweetened condensed milk, melted butter, vanilla, and sugar. This mixture has been shaken beforehand. Pour into the pan and put it in the grill for 10 minutes. When done, remove it from the grill and immediately pour the new batter over the previously cooked layers. Repeat until it fills the surface of the pan.

Generally, in one pan there are 15 layers of maxuba cake resulting from a 3 hour process. Considering that the selection of ingredients and the manufacturing process is not easy, the price of this patient-filled cake is no longer considered cheap. One maxuba cake pan is sold for around IDR 200,000. Are you interested in trying this food? Come on, get interesting information from