The Batak tribe is one of the tribes in Indonesia which has a unique tradition. One of the unique traditions of the Batak tribe is marbinda. This tradition is one of the activities of animal slaughter in Christmas celebrations according to the tradition of the Batak people who adhere to Christianity.

Similar to the sacrificial celebration, Batak people who adhere to Catholicism or Protestants slaughter animals such as cows, buffaloes or pigs. Later this animal meat will be distributed to the surrounding community.

To buy these animals, residents do fundraising. If you collect a lot of money, you can slaughter a cow or a buffalo. However, if the money is limited, the residents will slaughter the pigs.

The marbinda tradition has a deep meaning, its purpose is to strengthen ties and kinship. Apart from that, marbinda also aims to make people celebrate the joy of Christmas together.

For the Batak people, this kinship is known as ‘sa sada hudon’ which means being able to taste the same food from the same source. This philosophical value has been preserved from generation to generation.

Similar to the tradition of sacrifice during Eid al-Adha, people also work hand in hand when holding Marbinda. The tasks of slaughtering, cutting meat and distributing the meat are carried out together in mutual cooperation. Come on, get interesting information from


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