Indonesia is a country that has a variety of delicious foods. One of them is Mangge Mada. Mangge Mada in Mbojo language which means “Banana Heart Curry”, this dish is a traditional Bima dish that you can find in Bima city, Bima regency, and Dompu.

Mangge Mada is made from the main ingredient of banana heart, which is usually used by the heart of a plantain so that the Mangge Madanya can taste delicious and delicious when tasted by the tongue.

Additional ingredients such as minced chicken, grilled shrimp, coconut milk, lime, rebu, and cayenne pepper. The color of the Mangge Mada sauce is brownish white from the color of the roasted banana heart and coconut milk.

Are you interested in trying to eat Mangge Mada? Come on, get interesting culinary references from Indonesia from


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