Indonesia has a variety of very interesting cultural traditions. One of the Indonesian cultural traditions is Ma’Nene ”. Ma’Nene ‘is an Indonesian cultural tradition from the Toraja tribe originating from the island of Sulawesi. Ma’Nene ‘is a tradition of changing clothes and dressing up the remains of a family that has been buried for a long time or what is known as Ma’Nene’.

This unique tradition is often carried out by the people of Baruppu Toraja Utara, which is held every 3 years after the big harvest in August. This tradition begins with removing the body first from the chest and then cleaning it by the children and grandchildren of the body.

During the cleaning process, the men form a circle and then sing songs that symbolize sadness and put on the life of the body before dying. The goal is to entertain the family left by the body.

To carry out this tradition, the parties who hold the Ma’Nene Tradition are not ordinary people (aristocrats) so it costs a lot of money because it is included in a big event. So, are you interested in reading this article? Come on, share every article from with many people to add insight into Indonesian culture.


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