Lots of delicious and delicious culinary delights to eat from Indonesia. One of the many delicious culinary delights is Luluta. Luluta is a delicious traditional food from the Southeast Sulawesi region, especially in the Wakatobi area. Luluta has a distinctive savory taste because it is made from the basic ingredients of rice cooked in bamboo.

Another name for this food is Nasi Bambu. The uniqueness of this food is usually served with young coconut water. The recipe is quite easy. Prepare basic ingredients such as rice, banana leaves, and bamboo. Then clean the rice and put it in a bamboo blade covered with banana leaves.

After that, burn the bamboo over the fire where to cook or use the stove. After the Bamboo Rice is cooked, serve it with shredded grilled fish and young coconut water. Want to try eating this food / come on, visit Indonesia and get interesting information from Indonesiar.com.


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