Indonesia has a variety of delicious culinary delights that use raw materials in the form of rice cake. One of the delicious culinary delights using rice cake is Lontong Tuyuhan, typical of Rembang. Although the culinary has the same name as in other regions, it is very different in shape and taste.

Historically, Lontong Tuyuhan was formed like a triangle with three implied meanings, namely love for God, nature and fellow living beings. Lontong Tuyuhan is usually served with a thick sauce but also not too runny. Then, given the selected seasoning which is then combined with the native chicken meat.

To eat this food you just come to the culinary tourism area of Lontong Tuyuhan around the rice fields of Mount Bugel, Rembang Regency. Lontong Tuyuhan Usually sold at prices ranging from Rp. 5,000 to Rp. 20,000 per portion. Come on, get other interesting information only at


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