Lontong is a typical Indonesian food developed in Javanese society, made of rice wrapped in banana leaves and steamed over boiling water for several hours and when the water is running low, it is poured again so repeatedly several times. Lontong is generally served with satay, salad, or goat curry.

The famous way of lontong variant is ketupat. Ketupat (which is included in processed rice) made from rice is put in woven young coconut leaves (janur) which are often found around Eid al-Fitr. Based on Javanese tradition, the five days since Eid al-Fitr are ketupat, this ketupat pair is lepet.

Boiled in banana leaves, the rice cake can be green on the outside, while white on the inside. Lontong is often found in various regions in Indonesia as a traditional food. Even some traditional foods use lontong as raw material such as ketoprak, lotek and others.

Source : wikipedia


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