In the Kalimantan area there is a very unique and interesting market, namely Lok Baintan Market. This floating market, which is located along the coast of the Martapura River, to be precise, Sungai Pinang Village has been operating since the 18th century or the period of the Banjar Sultanate. At that time, this market was a place for buying and selling using a barter system. One item will be exchanged for other goods in accordance with the agreed amount.

Currently, apart from being a place for transactions, the Lok Baintan Floating Market is also one of the locations designated as a National Tourist Destination by the Banjarmasin government. It feels incomplete if you have a vacation in Banjarmasin without visiting this floating market.

However, it should be noted, if you want to visit this market, a traveler must wake up early, because this market that sells crops and local culinary delights is only open from 06.00-09.30. To reach Lok Baintan Floating Market, you have to rent a kelotok or a small boat. The name klotok is taken from the onomatope (sound imitation) of a boat engine. You can rent this boat the day before.

On the way to Lok Baintan Floating Market, a traveler can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise from the top of the kelotok. It is a shame to miss the orange color that stretches across the sky and don’t forget to immortalize it on camera.

Arriving at the floating market, you will be greeted by dozens of side-by-side traders selling their wares from boats. The shrewdness of the traders while rowing while serving customers is an interesting sight. One of the unique things when transacting at the Lok Baintan Floating Market is that there is still a contract between the seller and the buyer. This is influenced by the teachings of Islam that are adhered to by the majority of the community.

“I bought this rambutan,” said the buyer and the seller would say, “For sale.” Very unique, right!

In this new normal period, the Lok Baintan Floating Market has started operating again with health protocols that must be carried out by both buyers and sellers, for example using masks and maintaining a safe distance.

Are you curious about transacting in this traditional market? Come on, do your holiday activities by visiting Banjarmasin.