Lipan Lake is a place in the Muara Kaman District, which is located in Kutai Kertanegara Regency, East Kalimantan. This Centipede Lake is a place of vast fields overgrown with shrubs and shrubs, there is no water. Then why is it called the centipede lake?

In the past, the Muara Kaman area was a sea. The seafront is located in Berubus. At that time there was a kingdom whose port was stopped by ships from within and outside the country. Not only is the port famous for the therapy of the beautiful princess from the kingdom, it is also very famous in all directions. Putri Aji with White Blood, that’s her name.

It is said that the name was given when the princess was betraying and then drank her red water. You could see water flowing from his throat. This is because of the smooth and white skin of the princess. She is a very beautiful girl, there is no equal in this world, so that her name is famous in China.

Hearing the beauty of White Blooded Princess Aji, the King of China took his troops to Berubus. By bringing a large ship they were about to propose to the princess.

Hearing the plan for the arrival of the king of China, Putri Aji Berdarah Putih, prepared a welcoming party. One day. arrived the King of China in the kingdom of Princess Aji. They were greeted with great fanfare. Lots of food and drink served. Also equipped with interesting dances.

Princess Aji with White Blood, who already knew the intention of the King of China, welcomed him warmly. However, the Princess had never expected before, the King of China behaved like an animal that greedily ate dishes straight from the container without using hands.

Huh! The behavior of the King of China is really dirty. Really do not know the manners, sorry I have greeted him with great fanfare. ” muttered the Princess in disgust.

After eating, drinking wildly, the King of China proposed to Princess Aji. “Hi beautiful princess, will you be my queen?” said the King of China.

Princess Aji firmly replied, “I do not want to be the consort of a king who is dirty and does not know manners. “

Princess Aji’s answer made the King of China angry. He returned to his country. But, his anger did not end there. He prepared his troops to attack Princess Aji’s kingdom.

Thousands of Chinese troops came to Princess Aji’s kingdom. Fierce Battles were inevitable. Princess Aji also did not want to lose to the King of China. He also prepared his troops bravely to stem the attacks of the King of China troops. Many soldiers from both sides were killed. Even so, the King of China always increased his troops to attack PutriAji’s stoned troops.

Seeing many soldiers who had died, Putri Aji became worried. if the war continued, the soldiers would not be able to stem the attack of the Chinese troops.

Princess Aji began looking for ways to defeat the King of China. He also uses his powers to defeat his opponent. He took the betel from the container, then chewed the betel while his mouth was busy chanting a mantra. After that, Princess Aji spat out the betel in all directions and turned into a ferocious centipede. The number of centipedes is very large, even reaching millions.

The centipedes formed a brave line of death ready to attack the soldiers of the King of China. Soldier Putri Aji was greatly helped by the presence of these centipedes. Seeing the group of centipedes fierce and ready to attack, they ran back and forth to leave the kingdom.

But the Centipedes did not stop there, they chased them to the sea where the Chinese soldiers escaped on their massive ship. The invasion of the centipede Makes their huge ship sink in the sea. Rinse all Chinese soldiers. Increasingly, the sinking place of the Chinese King’s ship turned into a vast field, overgrown with bushes and one with the sea. The place was then called the Centipede Lake.


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