Indonesia has a variety of archipelago areas. One of the archipelago areas in Indonesia is Bangka Belitung Province. Bangka Belitung Province has a variety of delicious culinary delights with ingredients in the form of processed seafood. One of the delicious culinary delights in the form of processed seafood from this province is Lempah Kuning.

Besides being famous, this culinary is included in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage. On the island of Bangka this food is called Lempah Kuning, while on the island of Belitung this food is known as gangan.

Lempah Kuning are made from the basic ingredients of fish. The fish that are usually chosen to make lempah are red snapper or mackerel fish. The part of the fish chosen is the head of the fish or the body and tail of the fish.

The fish is then given a yellow broth made from turmeric, galangal, shrimp paste, and chili. It is delicious and of course better eaten hot with warm rice.

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