Once upon a time, on Kabarui Island there lived a handsome young man named Lawongo. He was an accomplished boar hunter and flute player. His skill in playing the flute is greatly admired by the surrounding community. Many beautiful girls fell in love with him, but no one caught his heart. In search of the girl he coveted, he often toured Kabarui Island to show his flute skills.

One day, Lawongo arrived at Damau Village. The villagers gathered to watch the show. Lawongo played his flute nimbly while watching the girls watching the show. A few moments later, suddenly his eyes fixed on a beautiful girl who was standing in the crowd of spectators. Seeing the girl’s beauty, he was immediately captivated. With great enthusiasm, he gave all his flute skills to captivate the girl’s heart. The girl was lulled into enjoying the game of Lawongo flute while looking into Lawongo’s eyes meaningfully.

After the Lawongo show ended, the residents dispersed and returned to their homes, except for the girl. The girl did not move from where she stood. Lawongo immediately approached and greeted him.

Hi, beautiful girl! Do you like your flute game? ” asked Lawongo.

“Yes Bang! Are you really amazed by your playing flute? ” replied the girl with a smile.

Getting a good response from the girl, Lawongo did not hesitate to express his feelings with rhymes.

Where are you going

From Japan to Bandar China

If possible we ask

Whose flower does it have?

From Japan to Bandar China

Stop over at Singapore

Whose flower does it have?

We want to pick it

The girl replied with a string of rhymes too.

Lay the reeds convey the fabric

The edge of the fabric is praised

Loose cooking on another

If it’s there, promise

Gradient edge slit fabric

Then pass on the pole

If it’s there, promise

Hajatpun then delivered by Allah

After expressing consensual feelings, the two lovebirds promised each other.

Plant jasmine at home

Side jellyfish two

If you die together

One grave for both of us

Side jellyfish two

Plant jasmine in stalks

One grave for both of us

If possible layered carcass

Finally, Lawongo married the girl. Since then, he has settled in Damau Village, where his wife lives. To meet his family’s daily needs, Lawongo cultivates and hunts wild boar. Almost every day he managed to find game. The residents of Damau Village really appreciate his work, because since his arrival in the village, the residents have been spared from the disturbance of wild boars that often roam around the village and destroy their crops. In addition, at night, the residents are very entertained by the rhythm of the flute played by Lawongo. Lawongo immediately received attention from the local population and became a cult for all residents, both young and old. In fact, many girls often seek attention and tease him, but Lawongo is never affected by the temptation.

No matter how much the temptation comes to him, Lawongo will still love his wife. From the beginning he had promised to always be with his wife as long as possible, because he felt happy, serene, and happy living with his idol. However, in the midst of that calm, serenity, and happiness, suddenly a catastrophe appeared that befell her life.

One night, Lawongo dreamed that he was going to hunt pigs in the forest. The pig he was working on was very large. During his time as an animal hunter, he had never encountered such a large pig. With all his ability, he threw his spear at the boar. Duggg … !!! His spear hit the hog’s back. What happened? The big pig did not collapse, but instead rampaged fiercely and turned to attack him. Realizing that his life was being threatened, Lawongo immediately pulled the knife out of his cage, then stabbed it into the right side of the pig. After confirming that the pig was really dead, he immediately put the knife into the stall and then took the pig home to show his wife. When he arrived at his house, he suddenly woke up and woke up from his dream. Because it was still late at night, he went back to sleep beside his wife.

The next day, as usual, Lawongo got up early in the morning to get ready to go hunting. After preparing his spear and knife, he went to the forest. He deliberately didn’t wake his wife because it was very early in the morning.

Arriving in the forest, Lawongo immediately started hunting. It’s been half a day he wandered in the forest, but he found not a single game.

It’s weird, how weird! Why is the atmosphere so quiet today? Not a bird is singing. The trees seemed silent. No wild boar and other animals roaming around, ”Lawongo muttered in surprise.

The day was getting late. Lawongo’s body was very tired, his stomach felt very hungry, and his throat felt dry due to thirst. He immediately climbed a coconut tree and plucked a few young coconuts, then split them. How shocked he was when he was about to pull out the knife, the knife was very firmly attached to the stalk.

“Ouch, why is this knife so difficult to pull out?” complained Lawongo.

With all his might Lawongo pulled out the knife, and in the end he succeeded. He was very surprised when he saw the blood clot on the knife.

“Well, it turns out that this blood is what makes this knife difficult to pull out of its frame,” he muttered.

For a moment Lawongo paused to think about why there was blood clot on the knife. Suddenly, he remembered his dream last night. At that moment, he remembered his wife who slept beside him last night.

Oops! Could it be that I stabbed wrong last night? ” said Lawongo guessing.

Without thinking, Lawongo immediately ran back to his house. When he got home, he saw that many residents had gathered in front of his house.

“What’s the matter, sir! Why are you gathered here? ” asked Lawongo to a resident.

Sorry, Lawongo! We are sorry to see your wife’s condition, ”replied the resident.

“What’s wrong with my wife?” asked Lawongo anxiously.

“The residents found your wife in a state of stiffness,” replied the resident.

Hearing the resident’s statement, Lawongo was even more convinced by his suspicion that it was not the wild boar he stabbed with his knife last night, but his wife who was sleeping beside him. He immediately ran into his house to see his wife’s condition. When he entered the room, he saw his wife sleeping on her back covered by a shroud on the bed that a number of residents were waiting for. Slowly, Lawongo opened the shroud. When the shroud opened, you could see that the body on the side of his wife’s stomach was full of blood that had frozen.

Nooo…. !!! Don’t leave me, my wife! ” shouted Lawongo hysterically among the crowd of residents who were surrounding his wife.

Lawongo is very sorry for what happened to his wife.

“Forgive brother, my wife! Brother didn’t mean to do this. Brother really loves you, my wife! ” exclaimed Lawongo while sobbing.

However, what do you want to make, the rice has become porridge. Lawongo’s wife whom he loved so much had gone before Almighty God. Lawongo could not do anything to save his wife. In accordance with his vow of promise to always be with his wife alive and bury together, he also asked the residents to immediately make two coffins, one for his wife and one for himself. All residents were shocked to hear his request.

Don’t do it, Lawongo! If you die with your wife, we will feel lonely, because we no longer hear the rhythm of your very melodious flute. After all, you are still too young and still have a lot of hope to live a better life, ”said a resident.

“If you don’t hear my flute voice anymore, it means I am no longer in this grave. You go to the beach and you will see strange things appearing from the sea, coming from the horizon. That strange thing is my incarnation. But, remember! You don’t point at it and don’t yell at it. You just stay on the beach quietly while waiting for that thing, ”said Lawongo.

After Lawongo entered the coffin, the residents immediately buried Lawongo with his wife. On the first and second days, they still heard the very loud and melodious sound of Lawongo flute. On the third day, the sound of Lawongo’s flute grew smaller. Entering the fourth and fifth day, the sound of the flute was only faintly heard and finally on the seventh day the sound of Lawongo flute disappeared completely.

Remembering Lawongo’s message, early in the morning, all of Lawongo’s family and friends as well as residents of Damau Village immediately ran to the beach. Arriving at the beach, they sat quietly while waiting for a strange object that came from the horizon as said by Lawongo. They had been waiting for two hours, but there was no sign of the strange object appearing yet. The residents began to doubt the truth of Lawongo’s words.

Wow, we’ve been waiting here for a long time, but that strange thing didn’t appear either. Maybe Lawongo is just making it up, “said a resident.

“It’s true, maybe Lawongo is just lying to all of us,” added another resident.

“We should wait a while longer,” said one of the families of Lawongo’s wife.

Not long after, suddenly a blackish object sticking out resembling a mountain appeared from the sea surface at the horizon. The strange object moved towards the beach of Damau Village. Seeing that object, the residents were only stunned to see that strange object. They also did not dare to scream and point at the object as Lawongo’s message. The longer it was getting closer to them. They started to get scared because they were worried that the big object would hit the island where they lived. Just as they were about to run away from the beach, suddenly the giant object stopped in the middle of the sea. The residents were increasingly curious to know the object up close. So some people sailed towards the object. After they got closer, it turned out that it was a coral island. They also named the island Napombalu which was taken from the word napo which means coral island, and the word nawalu which means a strange object that turns into an island. During high tide, the island sinks and at low tide, the island reappears at sea level.