Indonesian culinary is very diverse and delicious. One of the various culinary delights is Nasi Lapola. Lapola rice This is a traditional food for the people of Maluku, whose basic ingredients are rice, grated young coconut and tolo beans.

Usually this snack is eaten together with side dishes, such as kohu-kohu (processed anchovies or wet tuna), and raw vegetables. Cook the rice using low heat, so that the results are better. Cook the rice until it is half cooked and add the grated coconut which has been seasoned with garlic, shallots, red chilies and lime. After that, steamed the lapola rice dough until cooked.

Usually also enjoyed with colo-colo chilli. A typical Maluku chili sauce with a composition of soy sauce, shallots, bird’s eye chilies, and tomatoes. Are you interested in eating these foods? Come on, visit Indonesa and get other interesting information from


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