Indonesia has a variety of delicious food. One of the delicious foods is Lapa-Lapa. Lapa-Lapa is a typical Southeast Sulawesi food named Lapa-Lapa which has a distinctive savory taste because it is made from coconut milk.

This typical food comes from the Buton area and is very much found during Ramadan because it is usually used as a meal at breaking the fast as a substitute for rice.

Uniquely, this Lapa-Lapa is even better when eaten with salted fish or usually local people use Kaholeonarore Fish. The recipe for making Lapa-Lapa is quite easy, what you need to prepare is rice which is the main basic ingredient. Besides that, you can also prepare coconut milk which then this rice will be cooked with coconut milk. From here, rice stew with coconut milk can be called Lapa-Lapa.

Now, after boiling it, this half Lapa-Lapa is then wrapped in a young and soft coconut leaf. After being wrapped, the Lapa-Lapa is boiled again. When finished, these Lapa-Lapa are ready to be served. You are interested? Come on, visit Indonesia and get interesting information from


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