In the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily activities, of course you want to enjoy something fresh to quench your thirst. If you are a culinary lover who is bored with the same drinks and wants to enjoy new culinary, you can try the Laksmana Mengamuk Ice drink (usually also called the Admiral). This drink is a typical Malay drink in Riau.

The name of this drink is quite unique and unusual, especially for those of you who first hear it. You will be made to wonder behind the name of the drink. It is said that there used to be a story of an admiral raging in Kuini park. He went berserk because his wife was taken away by Kuini park owners. To vent his anger, the admiral issued his sword in all directions. As a result Kuwini fruit fell to the ground.

After the admiral left, the people around Kuini Park took dozens of Kuwini who fell to the ground. At first, they were confused about what to do with all the Kuwini that had been collected. Finally, a woman mixes a piece of Kuwini fruit with coconut milk and sugar. Then the drink was distributed to villagers. It turns out that people like the taste of drinks and spread quickly in all directions. To commemorate the history of the origin of the drink was given the name “Laksamana Mengamuk (Ice Admiral Raging)”.

This unique drink comes from Pekanbaru Riau. This traditional drink also has a distinctive taste, the aroma of mango kweni will tempt you to taste it. Kuwini is a kind of mango that has soft flesh and a fragrant aroma. Now, Laging Admiral is a special drink that is often served at banquets, breaking the fast, and other holidays. For those of you who are interested in tasting the pleasures of authentic Riau Kuwini combined with the legitimacy of coconut milk and sugar, and served with ice, this drink can be found in various Malay restaurants or restaurants.