In ancient times, there were people who were very stupid. His name is La Tongko-Tongko. He lives with his mother. One day, La Tongko-Tongko told his mother that he wanted to get married.

If you want to get married, you have to find a girl first. Then ask him to marry you. “

La Tongko-Tongko listened to his mother. So, he started looking for girls. And when he looked around, he met a girl. He carried potatoes in his bag.

“Hey, girl I want to get married, do you want to be my wife?”

The girl is angry! He thought La Tongko-Tongko was mocking him. She threw potatoes at him. La Tongko-Tongko is running away!

At home, La Tongko-Tongko told his mother about the girl he met today.

“Oh, you are so stupid La Tongko-Tongko you can ask a girl to marry like that. You and she must love each other, then you can get married,” explained her mother.

LaTongko-Tongko is coming out soon. He was still pondering his mother’s advice. While he was looking around, a girl was walking and she was carrying some firewood. La Tongko-Tongko approached him and talked to him.

“Hey, I love you, do you love me? If so, let’s get married. “

The girl is angry. He threw some wood at him. La Tongko-Tongko is running away!

Once again, La lbngko-Tongko told his mother about the girl he had met.

“Oh, no, you are so stupid, you can’t do that, love takes time, besides that you have to speak nicely and gently,” explained her mother.

La Tongko-Tongko walked around. Finally he reached the forest. He saw a girl lying on the ground under a big tree. He did not know, that the girl was dead. He approached the girl and talked to her.

“Hi, beautiful girl.” I really love you. How about you? Do you love me?”

Of course the girl didn’t respond. He is died. However, La Tongko-Tongko thought that the girl needed time to respond. He remembered his mother’s advice. He repeated the question again. And while she remained silent, La Tongko-Tongko thought the girl was shy. Finally, he asked the final question.

“Will you marry me? If you shut up, I would think you said yes. “

And because the girl didn’t say anything and didn’t move at all, La Tongko-Tongko hugged her and took her home.

At home, La Longko-Tongko put him in his bedroom. He told his mother that he had found a wife. His mother is happy. He wanted to meet the girl. And when she saw the corpse in the bedroom, she screamed!

“La Tongko-Tongko, why did you bring a corpse to our house?”

“Corpse? How do you know he’s dead? ” Asked La Tongko-Tongko.

Can’t you smell her bad smell? Bury him now! “

La Tongko-Tongko then buried the girl’s body. He felt that he had just learned something. And after he finished burying the body, he returned home.

Before he slept, he passed wind. It smells so bad. La Tongko-Tongko thought he was dead. He dug a hole and buried his body. He left his head on the ground, while his body was grounded. And when his mother saw him, he was really angry.

“What are you doing?”

“I have died, Mom. I passed wind and it smelled really bad. “

Her mother couldn’t do or say anything. He left La Tongko-Tongko alone. And after a few hours, La Tongko-Tongko couldn’t take it anymore. He freed himself and returned to his home again.