Processed vegetables in Indonesia have a wide variety of variants. One of them is Sayur Asam Kutai. Sayur Asam Kutai is processed vegetables from the Dayak tribe. This vegetable is very different from other tamarind vegetables. The sour vegetable of Kutai uses the main ingredients in the form of snakehead fish heads, pieces of taro, kale and banana flower.

The process of making this processed vegetable begins with splitting the snakehead fish head into two parts and greasing it with salt and lime juice. After that, put it in spiced broth with sunti acid (dried starfruit) and other ingredients.

When it is cooked, it is immediately removed and served with warm rice and various side dishes. Processed vegetables are ready to eat. You are interested? Come on, get other interesting information from and share this article to add to many people’s insight references.


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