Indonesian culinary is very diverse and delicious. One of the various cuisines is Kohu-Kohu. Kohu-kohu is a traditional Maluku food which at first glance is similar to ointment, but with a different filling. Because the vegetables used are basil leaves, long beans, and bean sprouts. All the vegetables are still raw, so they are not boiled first. Even though all the ingredients are still raw, it is very delicious because they are added with a variety of selected spices.

Then all the basic ingredients are mixed with grated coconut, Chinese lemon juice, shredded smoked skipjack tuna, and sliced ​​raw shallots. Chinese lemon juice makes this snack savory with a blend of fresh sour flavors. This food is usually a daily food for the people of Ambon City.

There are many other kohu-kohu variants such as boiled kohu-kohu. As the name implies, all the vegetable ingredients are boiled first. Then given a variety of spices, such as garlic, shallots, chilies, and lime juice. This snack tastes very good when enjoyed with boiled kasbi (cassava). Are you interested in eating this food? Come on, visit Indonesa and get other interesting information from


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