Indonesia is a country that has a variety of processed foods from noodles. One of the processed noodle foods from Indonesia is Mie Koba. Mie Koba is a noodle dish that is commonly found in the Bangka area, to be precise in one of the districts in Central Bangka. What is unique about this typical Bangka Belitung food is the presence of mackerel fish which is served with noodles.

Mie Koba is not only served with gravy and mackerel fish, but also other fillings such as eggs, celery, and fried onions. Mie Koba also uses a broth prepared from mackerel fish. The addition of key orange juice makes the koba noodles taste more delicious. Are you interested in trying to eat Koba Noodles? Come on, get interesting culinary references from Indonesia from


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