Indonesia has several ethnic groups in each region. One of the ethnic groups in Indonesia is the Kubu. The Kubu tribe or also known as the Suku Anak Dalam or Orang Rimba or Orang Ulu is a minority ethnic group living on the island of Sumatra. This tribe is still categorized as an “isolated community” who resides in several districts in Jambi and South Sumatra Provinces. They mostly live in Jambi province, with an estimated population of around 200,000 people.

According to oral tradition, the Anak Dalam tribe is a Maalau Sesat person, who fled to the jungle around Air Hitam, Bukit Duabelas National Park. They were later named the Segayo ancestors. Another tradition says they came from the Pagaruyung area, who fled to Jambi. This is reinforced by the fact that the Anak Dalam tribe has the same language and customs with the Minangkabau tribe, such as the matrilineal kinship system.

The physical characteristics of the Anak Dalam tribe are almost the same as those of other Indonesians. Their height is 155-170 cm, with oval ships, black and slightly slanted eyes, and ovoid faces. His livelihood is gathering forest products and hunting. The weapons used included wooden javelins, iron-edged spears and machetes, although many of them now own rubber and other agricultural land.

Broadly speaking, in Jambi they live in 3 different ecological areas, namely the Kubu in the north of Jambi Province (around the Bukit 30 National Park), the Bukit 12 National Park, and the southern region of Jambi Province (along the Sumatra highway).

Habit of Moving. The Anak Dalam ethnic group has the habit of moving from place to place, which they call building. Constructing was done for several reasons, namely one of the family members died, forest products in the location where he lived were depleted, the fruit season occurred, or there were threats from outside.

The move because one of the residents died was carried out because the place was believed to have an unlucky landing and they did not have the heart to see the work and belongings of the deceased in the old place. Among the Anak Dalam community in Air Hitam, before Melangun was carried out, the corpse was placed in upon purchase measuring 1 × 2 meters, accompanied by his equipment.

Their life is very sad along with the loss of forest resources in Jambi and South Sumatra, and the processes of marginalization carried out by the government and the dominant ethnic groups (Orang Melayu) in Jambi and South Sumatra.

The majority of ethnic strongholds adhere to animist beliefs, but there are also several dozen tribal families who have converted to Christianity or Islam. For the Kubu tribe who live in the area of ​​South Sumatra, especially the rawas rupit and musi lakit areas, there are many Kubu tribes who depend on farming, some even use Lonsum’s palm oil land for them to steal and sell them to local lapak stalls. .

They are like that because they hold the basic principle that what grows in nature is theirs together. However, many strongholds in the Musi and Rawas areas accepted modernization, including the use of motorized vehicles and homemade firearms (kecepek). Their clothes and physique that are a bit shabby are usually stereotypes that make the people around them differentiate between the Kubu and the surrounding community. are you interested in reading this article? Come on, get interesting information from to add to your insight.


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