Then what are the kerupuk jangek from West Sumatra Province? What is the difference with common kerupuk? Kerupuk are generally made by steaming until cooked, then cut into thin strips and drying them in the sun until dry. After dry, then fried in oil.

Kerupuk have a variety of making. There are kerupuk whose main ingredients come from animal skin and there is a cooking process that does not use cooking oil but using hot sand or by baking.

Kerupuk Jangek are kerupuk made from buffalo skin which are processed and given spices and other flavor enhancers. The making of the Kerupuk Jangek goes through a boiling process, then they are dried in the sun for 2 to 3 days. After drying, the raw crackers are ready to be fried.

Many different sources mention the origin of kerupuk in Indonesia. There are sources who say that crackers have been around for a long time and have been known in Indonesia before Indonesia became an independent country.

Kerupuk jangek have benefits in it. What are the benefits of consuming kerupuk jangek ?

1. Good for Bone Health and Growth

Kerupuk jangek contain high enough phosphorus and calcium. Calcium and phosphorus are the main building blocks of bone and are able to repair bone that has begun to become porous.

2. Overcoming ulcer pain

Jangek crackers also have the ability to cure the symptoms of sore and nausea in the stomach caused by heartburn. For those of you who experience this condition, often consume this skin cracker when ulcer symptoms appear.

With frequent consumption of crackers, pain and soreness in the stomach caused by ulcers can be resolved without having to bother seeing a doctor.

3. Contains High Enough Animal Protein

Kerupuk jangek are processed products made from animal skin, of course, these crackers have animal protein. Therefore, by consuming it frequently, it is certain that you can increase your daily protein intake at a low cost.

4. Low in Calories

In addition to being a substitute for side dishes or snacks, Kerupuk jangek also have low calories. So you can consume it without having to worry about gaining weight. Uniquely, this type of cracker can also be used as an alternative when you are on a diet program.

5. Smooth Digestion

Kerupuk jangek are also rich in fiber. So from that it can also be used to improve digestion. Because the fiber contained in jangek crackers can control the work of the digestive system so that it can become smoother.

6. Producer of Reserve Energy

In addition to its delicious taste and crunchy texture, jangek crackers have the animal protein that is obtained and this protein can function as a reserve energy store in your body.

7. Strengthen Teeth Growth

And it turns out that kerupuk jangek can also be used to help strengthen tooth growth. The reason is because these crackers contain calcium and phosphorus which also have the ability to strengthen teeth so they don’t break and have cavities.

So, this traditional food has benefits for you. Besides being a snack food, crackers can be used as souvenirs when you spend a vacation in the West Sumatra area.


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