Indonesia is a country that has delicious and crunchy snack foods. One of them is Kericu. Kericu is one of the many snacks from Bangka Belitung which is also a choice of souvenirs for tourists.

Kericu is quite easy to find in every area in the Bangka Belitung Islands. The appearance of kericu is very similar to egg cork, including its light white or brown color. In Bangka Belitung, Kericu is also known as squid eggs.

The basic ingredients for making kericu are squid eggs or cuttlefish / squid eggs. In Bangka Belitung, Kericu is still produced on a home scale. In Bangka Belitung, there are a number of areas that are known as kericuik producers such as Pangkalpinang, Sungailiat, and Belinyu.

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