Lake Batur is a lake located in Bali. According to folklore in the area, this lake has an interesting story. In Ancient Ages there lived a monster who was big, fat and loved to eat. The giant was named Kebo Iwa. The day his body grew bigger. The food is a lot. He likes to help the villagers build houses. raised a large rock and made a well. He didn’t ask for anything. it’s just that the villagers have to provide enough food for him.

If for two days Kebo Iwa did not eat, he would be angry. If angry he will go berserk and destroy whatever is in front of him. It doesn’t matter if the house or temple will be destroyed. He also damaged gardens and rice fields.

Because his body is very large, he also eats a lot. The portion of eating Kebo Iwa is the same as preparing meals for a hundred people. The villagers no longer need their strength, they have to keep providing food for Kebo Iwa. Because if Kebo iwa is hungry he will get angry and destroy everything.

Until the dry season arrives. All the rice barns owned by the residents began to empty. Rice and other foodstuffs began to be difficult to obtain. After all this time. the rain didn’t come. The residents began to worry about the situation of Kebo Iwa. Because, if he is hungry, he will definitely go berserk.

Sure enough, the residents worry. One day Kebo Iwa felt hungry. but the food was not ready because the villagers’ supplies had run out. Never mind Kebo Iwa, they don’t even have any food for themselves.

Kebo iwa was angry and went berserk. He destroyed houses belonging to residents. Temples as a place of worship also did not escape Kebo Iwa’s rage.

The residents fled to a neighboring village. But Kebo Iwa continued to chase while screaming, “Where’s the food for me! Or I prefer you to destroy! “

Kebo Iwa is getting fiercer. He not only destroyed buildings, but also ate livestock belonging to the population. The residents became victims of the Kebo Iwa violence.

Seeing the damage caused by Kebo Iwa, the residents became annoyed and angry. They set a strategy to kill Kebo Iwa. They asked for peace Kebo Iwa. With all kinds of methods, finally they can gather a lot of food and then approach Kebo Iwa.

At that time Kebo Iwa had just eaten a buffalo. He was full and lay on the grass. “Hi Kebo iwa. ….!” admonished the Village Head. “What is wrong? What do you want to approach me? ” asked Kebo Iwa suspiciously.

“Actually, we still need your strength. You destroyed many houses and temples. How about you help us rebuild it. We will provide plenty of food for you so that you don’t starve anymore. ” said the Village Head.

“Food…? You will provide me with delicious food? ” Kebo Iwa’s eyes sparkled at the word food. “I agree … I will help you?”. “But you also have to help us build a big well, because the population’s water needs are increasing.” “No problem, I’ll make it for you!”

Kebo lwa was happy not to have the slightest suspicion. The next day, Kebo lwa started working. With a relatively short time, Kebo lwa finished several houses. Meanwhile, the residents were busy collecting limestone in large quantities. Kebo lwa was confused about why the residents were collecting so much limestone. Even though the need for limestone for houses and temples is sufficient.

Why are you collecting so much limestone? “Asked Kebo lwa. “Know Kebo Iwa. After you finish building our house and temple, we will make you a big and very beautiful house, ”said the village head.

Kebo lwa was very happy to hear that. There was not the slightest suspicion from him. he is increasingly enthusiastic about helping residents. In just a few days, the houses and temples belonging to the residents were finished. His only job was to dig a big well. This job is time consuming and requires more effort. Kebo lwa used his big, strong hands to dig deep into the ground.

The day the hole he made got deeper. Kebo Lwa’s body was getting lower and lower. The pile of excavated soil at the mouth of the hole is even more mounting. Exhausted, Kebo Iwa stopped to rest and eat. He ate a lot. Due to exhaustion after eating he was sleepy, he fell asleep with a very loud snoring sound.

The snoring sound of Kebo lwa was heard by the residents who were above the well. Finally, the residents immediately gathered at the place of the well. They saw Kebo lwa sleeping in it. It was at this time that the Village Head led the people to throw the limestone they had prepared in advance into the well. Because he was fast asleep, Kebo lwa did not realize that he was in danger.

When the water in the well mixed with lime started to overflow and clog Kebo Iwa’s nose, then the giant woke up. However, the throwing of limestone from the residents was increasing. Kebo lwa can’t do anything. Despite having a very large body and very strong strength, he was unable to escape from the pile of lime and well water which then buried him alive.

Kebo lwa floundered for a few moments, his movements caused an earthquake for a moment but then died down and became silent. Presumably Kebo Iwa has died buried in the well.

Meanwhile, the water in the well was increasingly overflowing. The well water flooded the village and formed a lake. The lake is now known as Lake Batur. While the land pile is high enough to form a hill into a mountain and is called Mount Batur.


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