In a village where Kabayan lived, there lived a wealthy man known as Abah Ontohod. Why is this rich man called Ontohod because every time he scolds his employees, he likes to say the word Ontohod. So the people in the village called Abah Ontohod.

Abah has a daughter, who is very beautiful and is the flower of the village there, even though her skin is a little brown, it makes her even more attractive. Because her skin is a bit dark brown, the girl is named Nyi Iteung.

Nyi Iteung has grown into a teenage girl and is going through puberty, maybe it’s time to get married.

But Abah doesn’t want to have a clumsy son-in-law, he has to be kind, rich, and skilled.

But there are other conditions that are strange to Abah. He wanted his son-in-law to have a sharp smell.

Maybe this is so that if he is in the fields, he can smell ghosts, tigers, wolves and other wild animals, knowing Abah has a large field.

So that with a sharp smell he can protect the fields and people from wild animals.

Therefore, one day Abah made a contest, whoever had the sense of smell would marry Nyi Iteung.

The youths are very happy to hear about this contest, because they like Nyi Iteung.

The young men prepared to sharpen their noses so sharp.

However, none of the young men who took part in the competition passed the Abah exam.

Si Kabayan is one of the young men in the village, he is lazy, he just doesn’t do anything in the morning sunbathing with his sarong, occasionally cleaning his ears with a quill, he blinks his eyes.

His friends rolled around doing exercises to sharpen his nose, he didn’t fall for it.

He thought it was pointless and never worked.

One day, his friend met Si Kabayan, he asked, “Kabayan, why didn’t you join the contest?”

“I’m too lazy to do it, if it’s fate, then Nyi Item will be mine.” Said Si Kabayan while wearing a sarong on his head.

It’s not like that Kabayan, destiny has something to do with effort, if nothing is done then he won’t come to you. Do you like Nyi Iteung? ” His friend suggested.

Si Kabayan replied, “Yes, I like Nyi Iteung, even though she has brown skin, she is beautiful, and kind. And it seems like he also likes me, hehehe…, ”replied Si Kabayan proudly.

“Then, if you like him, go after him!” His friend told him.

“Yes, I will join the contest, but may I borrow some money, please, to sharpen my sense of smell!” Said Si Kabayan, getting up from his seat.

“Alhamdulillah, if you want to enter the contest, I want to give you money. You can return it if you become Abah’s son-in-law, ”said his friend with a smile.

“Of course .. you will see,” answered Si Kabayan when he went somewhere. But he went towards the market.

Si Kabayan went to the fruit shop. When he was home, he brought lots of watermelons, rambutan, mangoes, bananas and durians.

The next day Si Kabayan went to Abah’s house and registered for the contest.

When he arrived, it was Si Kabayan’s turn, Abah, to take him to the fields, to test his sharp sense of smell while looking at him in the fields.

“Let’s go to the Kabayan field, take your hoe!” Abah said.

With confidence, Si Kabayan went with Abah to the field carrying a hoe and using a bamboo hat. Though he had never held a hoe and worked in the field before because he was lazy.

When they arrived at the field, Si Kabayan started working. People who have never worked on a farm like him, quickly experience fatigue due to back pain.

“Why Kabayan!” Abah said because he saw Kabayan suddenly silent.

“Abah, I smell something.” Si Kabayan answered while taking a deep breath while kissing something.

Abah was surprised, “What does Kabayan smell like?” “If I’m not mistaken, this is the smell of Rambutan Bah.” Si Kabayan said while peering left and right.

“Come on Kabayan, let’s find it!” Abah said happily.

Kabayan walked towards the banana tree, while his nose smelled deep.

“Bah, there is Rambutan, there is a lot!” Kabayan shouted, lifting Rambutan with his hand.

“Good Kabayan, let’s eat!” Answer Abah, approaching Si Kabayan.

Abah and Si Kabayan sat down to eat Rambutan.

“Let’s continue Kabayan’s work,” said Abah after they finished eating Rambutan.

“Come on Bah,” Si Kabayan replied while hiding his common sense.

Then they continued to work on the farm, because Si Kabayan rarely worked on the farm, a new job for a while, he already felt back pain.

“Bah, there is another smell,” said Si Kabayan.

“What does Kabayan smell like?” Curious Abah.

“It smells like Durian, Bah,” replied Si Kabayan.

“Well, it just so happens Kabayan, that’s my favorite fruit, let’s see!” Said Abah, get up.

Just like before, Si Kabayan walked while kissing, looking for Durian

“Abah, this is Durian, there are two pieces and big.” Kabayan said lifting Durian.

“Very good Kabayan, Let’s open it.” Abah said very happy.

Abah and Si Kabayan sat down to eat Durian until it was finished.

After being full, they resumed their work. That is what happens when every Kabayan is tired. he always smelled the aroma of the fruit until all the fruit Si Kabayan bought from the market and accidentally ran out of hiding.

When he was very tired, Si Kabayan thought, “What’s next? All the fruit is gone, there is still a lot of work to be done, what else do I have to do? ” He said to himself.

While Abah was working, Si Kabayan suddenly stood up and was surprised by something.

“Kabayan what?” Asked Abah, he was surprised to see Si Kabayan suddenly standing.

“There is a smell of something Abah.” Said Kabayan.

“What smells Kabayan, let’s find out, who knows there is fruit, your nose is good, suitable to be my son-in-law,” said Abah happily.

“Thank you, Abah, but this smells strange, not fruit.” Said Kabayan.

“What does Kabayan smell like?” Answer Abah.

“I think it smells like a Tiger!” Si Kabayan said while standing in fear.

“Let’s go from here Kabayan, before the tiger comes here,” said Abah as he fled and left Si Kabayan.

Kabayan ran behind Abah while pretending to be scared when he could not hold back his laughter.

Because Si Kabayan has a sharp sense of smell, he also won the contest, and as a gift he was allowed to marry Nyi Iteung.

That is the West Java Folklore the story of Si Kabayan marrying Nyi Iteung.


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