Magetan Regency is a district adjacent to Madiun City which is located in East Java Province, Indonesia. This district has a traditional food in the form of snacks called Jerangking. What is a Jerangking?

Jerangking is a traditional type of cracker made from glutinous rice. At first glance, this food is almost similar to plate crackers, it’s just that the Jerangking has a smaller size and the taste is very crunchy and tasty. Apart from being used as a snack menu, this Jerangking is also often used as souvenirs for tourists who come there.

The processing of Jerangking is not like crackers in general which are processed by frying. This jerangking is processed by baking it so it does not contain oil and cholesterol. In addition, this Jerangking also has a slightly burnt aroma.

Making Rankings is quite simple and unique. First the glutinous rice is cooked until cooked and becomes sticky. Then the sticky rice is pounded into a sticky dough.

After that the dough is pressed with a pressing machine or traditional tools until it becomes thin. After being thin, then baked. Jerangking is usually processed without using any flavoring ingredients so that the taste is very natural.

Jerangking has a crunchy texture, but if stored in the wrong place, the texture will harden. This snack food is very healthy for consumption, because the processing is baked so it does not contain oil and cholesterol.

Jerangking is widely sold and produced in the Magetan Regency area. Apart from being sold in stalls, Jerangking can be found at the souvenir center in the Magetan area.

So, are you interested in trying a snack from Magetan Regency called Jerangking? Come on, visit Magetan Regency.


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