In East Java, especially Malang, it is very well known as a producer of apples in Indonesia. Apart from being an apple-producing area, Malang also has special snacks. One of these typical souvenir foods is called Jenang Apple.

Jenang Apple is a sweet snack food like dodol which is made from apple fiber which is typical of Malang, East Java. This Apple Jenang also has a soft, sweet and delicious taste and texture. Jenang Apple is a typical food from Batu City, Malang, East Java, which is very famous.

Apart from having a sweet and slightly sour taste, Jenang Apple is also healthy for consumption, because it is made from natural apple fruit fiber so that the nutritional content in the fruit is also contained in it.

The process of making Jenang Apple is quite simple. First the apples are washed and peeled. After that the fruit is mashed until it becomes like mush. Then add a little sugar to add to the sweet taste and mix until evenly distributed. Then cooked, stirring until cooked.

Apple skin is usually included in the dough, which affects the taste, color and nutrition in it. Jenang Apple is usually made in two flavors, namely Rome Beauty Apple and Manalagi Apple. The two flavors of apples have different flavors with their respective characteristics.

Rome Beauty Apple tends to be sour and slightly sweet, while Manalagi Apple has a slightly sweet taste and has a very strong aroma.

Jenang Apple is a typical food that is very famous in Malang, East Java. One of the centers for making Jenang Apple is in Batu City, Malang.

There, apart from being famous for its apple cultivation. Many home industries produce this one food. Apple Jenang is not only delicious as a snack, but also can be used as a souvenir for tourists who visit there.

So, are you interested in visiting Malang and trying out Jenang Apple?


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