The traditional Batak Toba house is the Bolon House which generally consists of two parts, namely a house and a sopo or rice barn. The rice barn is in front of the house which is bordered by an outer court. The court functions as a common space for residents. The traditional house that has a lot of decoration is called the Gorga Sarimunggu or Jabu Batara Siang house. While the traditional house that is not decorated is called Jabu Ereng or Jabu Batara Suang.

For the Batak traditional house that has a large size it is called Rumah Bolon. While the smaller one is called Jabu Parbale-Balean. Usually the houses have red, white, and black colors that symbolize intelligence, honesty and dignity.

The philosophy of the Toba Batak Traditional House

Basically, the traditional house for the Batak community was established not only for shelter or shelter, but on land with philosophical values ​​which are the guidelines for life. There are various noble values ​​that exist in these traditional traditional houses. This value is meaningful as a guide for life in the interaction between individuals. Another philosophy is as a form of cultural heritage that can be a means of cultural preservation. It aims to be passed on to future generations.

The following is the meaning of the Toba Batak traditional house

In the construction of Rumah Bolon it is carried out in mutual cooperation. The materials for building are also selected from the best materials. The pandes or craftsmen will choose wood by hitting the wood with a tool, according to him, good wood is wood that makes a loud sound when hit. The foundation of the house is made in the form of four sides, combined with strong walls and pillars. The meaning of this foundation is to work together when carrying heavy loads.

The top of the Toba Batak traditional house is supported by a pole which is commonly called “ninggor”. This pole is straight and high which means honesty. At the front there is “arop-arop” which means the hope of living a decent life. Then “songsong boltak” which serves to hold the roof means that if there is a host who is not good in service, it should be buried in his heart.

The Batak people clean the house by sweeping all the dirt and throwing it out through the “talaga” hole near the cooking stove. This has the meaning of removing all badness from within the house, and forgetting bad behavior. Inside the house there is a small stage similar to a balcony. This small stage serves to store rice and has a meaning as hope for the smooth running of sustenance.

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