Once upon a time, on a hill far from Country. There lived a poor widow with her daughter. Her son from the widow is very beautiful, he is always proud of the beauty he has. However, her beauty was not the same as the nature she had. He is very lazy and never helps his mother.

Besides being lazy, he is also very spoiled. Everything he wants must be obeyed. Without thinking, they are poor, and mothers who have to work hard even though they are often sick. Every time his mother took him to the rice fields, he always refused.

One day, the mother took her son to shop at the market. The market distance from their house is very far, to get to the market they have to walk and make their daughter tired. However, the son walked in front of his mother and was wearing very nice clothes. Everyone who saw her was immediately amazed and admired her beauty, while her mother walked behind carrying a shopping basket, dressed very dirty like a maid.

Because the location of their house is far from the community, their life no one knows. Finally, they entered the village, all eyes were on the beauty of the widow’s daughter. Many young men approached him and looked at his face. However, the villagers were very curious as to who the old woman was behind.

” Hi, cute girl! Who is the old woman behind you? Is she your mother? “Asked a young man.

“Of course not, she’s just a maid!” “She replied sarcastically.

Throughout the trip every time they met the villagers, they always asked the same thing. However, he kept answering that his mother was his maid. Her own mother was treated as a maid.

At first, the mother could still hold back, every time she heard an answer from her own biological daughter. However, hearing repeatedly and the answer was very painful for his heart, suddenly the mother stopped, and sat on the side of the road, shedding tears.

” Mom, why did you stop halfway? Let’s continue the trip. ” Asked his daughter in surprise.

Several times he asked. However, his mother did not answer at all. Instead, the mother raised her hands up and prayed. Seeing the strange things his mother did, the child felt confused.

“Mom, what are you doing now!” The daughter snapped.

The mother still did not answer, and continued her prayers to punish her own daughter.

” Oh God, forgive this weak servant, forgive me who cannot educate my own daughter, so that he becomes a disobedient child. Punish this disobedient child. ” The mother prayed.

Suddenly, the sky became cloudy and dark, lightning started to strike and it rained. Slowly, his body turned to stone. Her feet began to turn to stone and were already halfway up. The girl cried begging for forgiveness from her mother. He felt scared.

” Mother, help me. What happened to my leg? mother, forgive me. I promise I will be a good child ma’am, “his daughter shouted in fear.

The girl kept crying and begging. However, it was too late. The punishment was unavoidable. His entire body slowly turned to stone. The rebellious girl just cried and cried regretting her actions. Before her head turned to stone, the mother still saw her tears coming out. Everyone who was there witnessed the incident. The girl’s entire body turned to stone.

Even though it has become a stone. However, seeing her eyes still shed tears like she was crying. Therefore, the community calls it the Crying Stone. The Crying Stone is still there today.

The moral message from the Folklore Legend of the Crying Stone is to always respect and love your parents, because success and happiness will greatly depend on the prayers of your parents.