Once upon a time, in a remote village in Central Java there was a poor widow. He has a son who looks like a pot to cook rice. In Central Java, the pot for cooking rice is called kendil. Because the boy resembles a kendil, he is known as Joko Kendil.

Even though the child is like a kendil, the mother does not feel ashamed or regretful, on the contrary, she loves her sincerely.

When he was little, Joko Kendil was like children his age. He is very funny so that his friends like him. One day there was a wedding party near his village. Joko Kendil sneaked into the kitchen secretly

“Ouch, there is a very good jug. It’s better for a cake and fruit holder, ”said a mother, putting various kinds of cakes and fruit into the jar. He did not know that the kendil was actually human. After being fully charged, Joko Kendil slowly rolled out.

Magical Kendal! Magical Kendall! Shouted the people who saw the incident. They scramble to have the magic pot. Joko Kendil rolled back home faster.

Arriving home, Joko Kendil immediately met his mother. “Where did you get this much cake and fruit?” his mother asked in amazement. Joko Kendil honestly told what he had experienced. All of this was not stolen but was given by the mothers in the kitchen at a wedding party. They thought that the beautiful kendil was more appropriate for storing cakes and fruits than for cooking rice.

Year after year Joko Kendil got older and more mature. But his body did not change, still like a pot. One day Joko Kendil expressed his desire to get married. Of course the mother is confused, who wants to marry her son in the form of a kendil. His mother was even more confused when Joko Kendil said he only wanted to marry the king’s daughter.

“Isn’t your wish wrong, my child? You are the son of the poor, your body is like a pitcher. How could the king’s daughter want to marry you? “

said his mother. But Joko Kendil still insisted on proposing the king’s daughter for him. Finally, on the appointed day Joko Kendil and his mother went to the king.

The king had three beautiful daughters. Joko Kendil’s mother said carefully that the intention of her arrival was to propose to one of the king’s daughters. The king was very surprised but wisely he asked the answer to the three daughters.

“My daughter, Dewi Kantil, Dewi Mawar, and Dewi Melati, are there any of you who are willing to accept Joko Kendil’s proposal?”

“Father, I don’t want to marry that poor country boy,” said Dewi Kantil curtly.

I also don’t want to marry that strange creature. I only want to marry a handsome and wealthy crown prince, ”answered Dewi Mawar with an arrogant tone. The king also turned his gaze to Dewi Melati.

Father, please bless me. I accept the application wholeheartedly, “answered Dewi Melati.

Hearing Dewi Melati’s shocking answer, the king was momentarily. She did not understand what had prompted Dewi Melati to become Joko Kendil’s wife. But as a wise king he must keep his promises.

“I bless you, my son,” said the king. Dewi Melati’s decision was immediately conveyed to Joko Kendil’s mother. Finally the marriage of Dewi Melati and Joko Kendil was held lively.

Hearing Dewi Melati’s shocking answer, the king was stunned for a moment. She did not understand what had prompted Dewi Melati to become Joko Kendil’s wife. But as a wise king he must keep his promises.

“I bless you, my son,” said the king. Dewi Melati’s decision was directly conveyed to Joko Kendil’s mother. Finally the marriage of Dewi Melati and Joko Kendil was held lively.

Joko Kendil officially became Dewi Melati’s husband and they lived happily. But his happiness is always disturbed by the ridicule and ridicule of his two brothers.

“Look, Dewi Melati’s husband rolls like a ball,” said Dewi Kantil, who deliberately spoke loudly so that her sister could hear her.

“His face is ugly, his body is strange, it is more appropriate for a trash dump,” continued Dewi Mawar. Dewi Melati accepted all the taunts with courage and patience.

One day, the king held a competition for agility and skill using weapons while riding. The entire royal family watched the race. However, Joko Kendil was not seen in the arena due to illness. Dewi Melati sat alone.

Hooray! Hooray! ” shouted the audience, roaring at the sight of the commanders and princes from various countries showing their skills.

In the midst of the excitement of the agility competition, the audience was suddenly amazed to see the arrival of a handsome and brave knight who was entering the arena. He wore a dazzling royal garment and rode a mighty horse. Dewi Kantil and Dewi Mawar were immediately captivated and tried to attract the prince’s attention. Their eyes glanced at Dewi Melati who sat there alone.

“Only we who deserve side by side with that handsome prince. Look, our sister is thinking about her idol’s kendil, ”said Dewi Mawar while sneering at Dewi Melati. Unable to bear the taunts of her two sisters, Dewi Melati left the race arena and ran to her room.

When she entered the room, Dewi Melati did not see her husband who was lying sick, but only saw an empty jar. “This Kendal is what makes me always insulted so it makes me sad. I better destroy it! ” shouted Dewi Melati as she threw the pitcher onto the floor until it shattered. Immediately, suddenly in front of him appeared a knight who was very handsome and brave, just like a prince on horseback who dazzled in the arena.

“Who are you, why are you in my room?” asked Dewi Melati in surprise. “I am Joko Kendil, your husband,” said the Prince. The Prince also told that his body in the form of a kendil was the will of the gods. His body will return to normal when there is a daughter of the king who is sincerely willing to marry him. Dewi Melati was amazed to hear the story and immediately hugged her husband happily. The incident made Dewi Kantil and Dewi Mawar both embarrassed and jealous of their sister’s luck.

do not insult the less fortunate. We should help him sincerely and sincerely. We must respect others without prejudice.