In ancient times, there was a peaceful and peaceful kingdom called the Kutatanggehan Kingdom. The kingdom was ruled by a just and wise king named Prabu Sunarwalaya, King Sunarwalaya accompanied by an empress named Purbanamah. However, the King and Empress did not yet have a child. They have been married long enough. The king was often pensive while the Empress could only cry.

Various attempts have been made, including using the ingredients eaten by either the King or the Empress. Many witch doctors have been invited and recite incantations. However, that effort was just in vain.

Some royal advisers advised the King and Empress to pick up orphans. Because, in the kingdom there are many orphans, among them the children of soldiers and officers who died on the battlefield. However, the King and Empress didn’t listen to what the advisors said. Because they think, adopted children must be very different from their own children.

One day, the King decided to go into meditation, he went to meditate into the forest. After the King was meditating for weeks. Suddenly, between conscious and not he heard a voice.

” Hi Prabu, what do you want? So you came here to meditate? ”

“Servant wants a child,” replied the King.

“Can’t you pick up a child?” Asked the voice.

“I want my own child and own flesh and blood.” Said the king again.

” So? You only want your own children? ” Asked the voice.

” Yes, no matter what. Own children are better than adopted children. ” The King replied.

” Fine if that’s what you want. Now, go home! ”

Hearing this voice, the King returned to the Palace. Some time after the incident. Empress is pregnant. The whole kingdom was very pleased with the news. many royal citizens sent gifts to the King and Queen as a form of their joy. Finally, the awaited day arrived. Empress gave birth to a baby girl. The birth of the Princess was greeted with a party of seven days and seven nights. The Princess was also given the name Putri Gilang Rukmini. To welcome the birth of the Princess, many citizens of the kingdom sent various kinds of very expensive gifts.

The Princess became a teenager, she was very beautiful. However, because his presence was wanted by both parents and the people. As a result, the Princess had a very bad attitude, all her wishes had to be obeyed. If he was about, he would be furious. He also always ordered the servants arbitrarily. Not infrequently he always acts harshly and uses words that are not worthy of a Princess.

Even so, the King, Empress and the People loved him very much. The princess grows more and more mature, she is even more beautiful. At the age of seventeen, no other princess or maiden from the kingdom could match her beauty. Before his seventeenth birthday, people gave him gifts. From various corners. The gifts are in the form of very valuable items. Like, gold, money, jewelery and gems.

The king is very grateful to all the people for his love for his daughter. it only takes a few jewels and gems. The jewelry is handed over to the goldsmith to be made into a new jewelry that is bigger and more beautiful. gladly, a master of gold jewelry making made a very beautiful necklace-shaped jewelry. the necklace depicts plants with leaves of gold and silver, as well as flowers and fruits of colorful gems.

All the citizens of the kingdom are really looking forward to handing over the necklace to the Princess on her seventeenth birthday. When the time came, the citizens of Kutatanggeuhan gathered in the courtyard of the palace. They relented towards the pavilion, the place of the King and the family of the palace. Soon, the King, accompanied by the Empress and the nobles, came out of the palace. The king waved to his people and was greeted with cheers by them.

Cheers returned when Princess Gilang Rukmini came accompanied by a dozen hostesses. The Princess is very beautiful like an Angel. Because, the beauty of many people fascinated and stopped cheering.

“Good citizens of Kutatanggeuhan, before the salutation ceremony to celebrate my son’s seventeen years, I will present your gift to Princess Gilang Rukmini. Let him know how much you love him. ” The King said.

Hearing this, the people cheered again. After calming down again. The king opened a carved box made of sandalwood. And took out a necklace made by the master.

“My son Gilang Rukmini, this is a gift from the citizens of the kingdom as their joy because at this time you have reached adulthood. This necklace is an expression of their love for you. Put it on, son, so that they see you can accept it happily. ” Said the King.

The Princess also received the necklace. he was silent for a moment.

‘‘ This necklace is so ugly! I don’t like it. ” He said throwing the necklace.

The necklace also broke apart. The audience was silent watching the event. Not a single person moved and spoke. In the midst of that silence, the sobbing sound of the empress was heard. The people also cried, especially the women. At the same time, a miracle occurred.

Suddenly, clear water came out, as if the earth was crying. The water came out to become a large spring and in an instant formed a lake. The lake is getting wider and wider and eventually drowning the kingdom of Kutatanggeuhan with all its contents.

The lake is currently receding, all that remains is a small lake in the middle of the forest in the peak area, West Java. The name of the lake is Telaga Warna.

During the day, the water of the well is very colorful. the colorful beauty is actually a shadow of the forest around the well and the blue sky above it. Many people say that the colors come from the jewels of the necklace of Princess Gilang Rukmini.

The moral message from Cerita Rakyat Banten Dongeng Telaga Warna is not to be an arrogant child and like to humiliate others. Arrogance will only keep you away from friends.