Once upon a time, a pig was crossing a wilderness. The wild boar was feeling thirsty in the hot sun. When he was looking for the spring, he saw that there was water that was caught in the taro tree in the forest.

Immediately he drank the water to quench his thirst. Without realizing it, the water was the urine of King Sungging Perbangkara. Because of the supernatural powers of King Sungging Perbangkara, the wild boar became pregnant after drinking his urine. Nine months later the wild boar gave birth to a baby girl.

Raja Sungging Perbangkara knew about a baby girl who was born because of her urine. He also went to the forest to look for it. The discovery of the baby girl. He also gave her the name Dayang Sumbi and took her home to the royal palace.

Dayang Sunbi grew up to be a very beautiful woman. There are countless kings, princes and nobles who wish to marry the daughter of King Sungging Perbangkara. However, Dayang Sumbi refused all the proposals gently. Dayang Sumbi did not expect at all, those who were refused his proposal fought each other to fight for himself.

Dayang Sumbi was very saddened by the fact that the princes, kings and nobles she had refused were fighting each other. He also asked King Sungging Perbangkara to exile himself. The King finally allowed his son to exile. Dayang Sumbi isolated herself on a hill accompanied by a male dog named si tumang. To fill her spare time while in exile, Dayang Sumbi also weaved.

Once upon a time, when Dayang Sumbi was weaving, her weaving equipment fell. At that time Dayang Sumbi felt lazy to take it. He said something he didn’t really realize. ” Whoever is willing to fetch my fallen loom, if it’s a man I’ll make him a husband, if he’s a woman I’ll make him a brother. “

Unexpectedly, the Tumang took the fallen loom and gave it to Dayang Sumbi.

There was nothing that Dayang Sumbi could do except to fulfill her words. He married Si Tumang who turned out to be an incarnation of a god. Si Tumang is a god who was cursed to be an animal and banished to earth. A few months after marriage, Dayang Sumbi became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. Dayang Sumbi gave him the name Sangkuriang.

Time flies. Several years passed. Sangkuriang has grown into a handsome young man. Manly. His body is strong and stocky. Sakti Mandraguna is also Dayang Sumbi’s child.

Since childhood, Sangkuriang has been happy to hunt. Every time hunting in the forest. Sangkuriang is always accompanied by the tumang. Sangkuriang did not know that Si Tumang was his real father.

One day Sangkuriang accompanied by Si Tumang returned to hunting in the forest. Sangkuriang intended to look for deer because his mother wanted to eat deer liver. After a while in the forest, Sangkuriang saw a deer grazing behind a thicket. Sangkuriang ordered the tumang to chase the deer. Very strange, the usually obedient Tumang, at that time did not obey his orders. Sangkuriang became angry. He said. ” If you still do not obey my orders, I will surely kill you. “

The threat of Sangkuriang seemed to be ignored by Tumang. Irritated and angry, Sangkuriang then killed Si Tumang. He took the black dog’s heart and brought it home. Sangkuriang gave Si Tumang’s heart to his mother to be cooked.

Without realizing it, Dayang Sumbi said that the heart her child gave was her husband’s heart. He then cooked and ate the heart. So, Dayang Sumbi’s anger towards Sangkuriang was unbelievable when she found out that the heart she was eating was Tumang’s heart. He then grabbed a dipper made of coconut shells and hit Sangkuriang’s head, wounding Sangkuriang’s head.

Sangkuriang was very angry and hurt by his mother’s treatment. According to him, his mother loved Si Tumang more than he did. So, without saying goodbye to his mother Dayang Sumbi, Sangkuriang then went to wander to the east.

Dayang Sumbi was very sorry after learning about her son Sangkuriang’s departure. He also meditated and asked forgiveness from the gods for the mistakes he had done. The gods heard Dayang Sumbi’s request, they accepted the apology and gave Dayang Sumbi eternal beauty.

Syahdan, Sangkuriang continued to wander without a definite purpose. In his journey, Sangkuriang continued to increase his supernatural powers by learning from the powerful people he met during his journey. For years Sangkuriang wandered without realizing it he returned to the place where he was born.

Sangkurian was fascinated by Dayang Sumbi’s eternal beauty, he did not realize that the beautiful woman he met in the forest was his own biological mother. The same thing happened to Dayang Sumbi, who did not realize that this powerful young man was her son, Sangkuriang. Because they fell in love, they planned to get married.

Before the wedding took place, Sangkuriang intended to hunt. Dayang Sumbi helped Sangkuriang put on a head covering. It was then that lady Sumbi saw the wound on her future husband’s head. She thought of her son who had left her. He was very sure that this dashing young man was none other than his son Sangkuriang.

Dayang Sumbi then explained that she was actually the biological mother of Sangkuriang. Therefore he is not willing to marry his biological child. However, Sangkuriang, who was blinded by lust, ignored Dayang Sumbi’s explanation, he still insisted on marrying Dayang Sumbi.

“If your desire is so strong to marry me, I want you to fulfill one of my requests” said Dayang Sumbi

“What request do you want.” Challenge Sangkuriang.

Dayang Sumbi put forward an extraordinarily tough condition, namely that she wanted the Citarum river to be dammed to make a lake, and inside the lake there was a big boat. ” All that you must be able to finish in one night. ” Said Dayang Sumbi. ” Before dawn, I must finish my two requests. “

Without hesitation, Sangkuriang agreed to Dayang Sumbi’s request. ” Very well, I will fulfill your request. “

Sangkuriang immediately worked to fulfill Dayang sumbi’s request. The first time he cut down a large tree to make a boat. Unneeded branches and tree branches were piled up. The pile of branches and branches of the tree later transformed into Mount Burangrang. Likewise, the pohpon stump later turned into a mountain which is better known as the hilltop mountain.

The big boat was finally completed by Sangkuriang. Pemuda Sakti then intended to stem the swift flow of the Citarum river to make a lake. Sangkuriang then summoned the spirits to help him fulfill Dayang sumbi’s request.

Everything Sangkuriang did was known by Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi felt anxious when she saw Sangkuriang’s work being finished. He had to thwart Sangkuriang’s job so that the marriage with his biological child was not carried out. He also asked for help from the gods.

After praying, Dayang Sumbi received instructions. Dayang Sumbi then spread boeh rarang (white woven cloth). He also made the rooster crow when it was still night. The spirits were terrified when they learned that dawn had arrived. They ran and disappeared in all directions. They left their work to make lakes and boats unfinished.

Sangkuriang was very angry. He felt Dayang Sumbi had cheated on him. Ida firmly believes that the real dawn has not yet arrived. He felt there was still time for him to finish the job. With high anger, Sangkuriang then broke down the dam at Sanghyang Tikoro. Then he threw the citarum flow plug to the east which later transformed into Mount Manglayang. The water that originally filled the lake receded. It seemed that the anger had not subsided. Sangkuriang then kicked the big boat he had made until it fell far away and fell on his face. The big boat turned into a mountain which was later called Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

Sangkuriang’s anger had not subsided. He knew that all of this was actually Dayang Sumbi’s ploy to thwart the marriage with him. With anger that continued to overflow, Dayang sumbi was also chased. The frightened Sumbi maid kept running to escape until finally disappeared on a hill. The hill then transformed into Mount Putri. Meanwhile, Sangkuriang, who failed to find Dayang Sunbi, finally disappeared into the supernatural.

The moral message of folk tales about Sangkuriang and Mount Tangkuban Perahu is to be honest because honesty will bring goodness and happiness in the future. Cheating acts will harm yourself and can bring disaster to yourself or others.


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