In the past, in South Sumatra, in the Sumidang area, there was a large kingdom. In that Kingdom there lived a prince named Serunting. He is jealous of what other people have. Prince Serunting already has a wife. His wife has a younger brother named Aria Tebing, who is now Pangeran Serunting’s brother-in-law.

Serunting and Aria Tebing each have their own fields, their fields are located next to each other which are only separated by trees. And beneath the trees grows fungus plants. However, the growing fungus did something much different. If you observe the Cendawan facing the field belonging to Aria Tebing, it grows into gold metal.

Meanwhile, the fungus facing Serunting’s field grows into a useless parasitic plant

Knowing this, Serunting became jealous of Aria Tebing, every day he continued to prejudice to his brother-in-law, “The fungus that faces my field grows into a useless plant, while the one facing the fields belonging to Aria Tebing grows into gold metal. I’m sure, this must be the doing of Aria Cliffs.

The next day, Serunting approached Aria Tebing with feelings of revenge and anger, he then invited Aria Tebing to have a duel. “You have cheated me! I dare you to duel tomorrow !! ” said Serunting.

“But, but I’ve never cheated,” said Aria Tebing. Serunting did not care about it, he still challenged him to a duel. Aria Tebing confused. He knew that his brother-in-law was a very powerful person, after thinking for a long time, finally Aria Tebing got the idea.

He then recounted the incident and persuaded his sibling who was none other than the wife of Serunting to tell the secret of Serunting’s weakness.

“Sis, tell me the secret of your husband’s weakness. I am in a state of urgency, if I lose then I will be killed, ”said Aria Tebing begging.

“Sorry, my brother, I do not want to betray my husband, I can not tell you,” replied the wife with an objection.

“Trust me, this is for your sister! If I know your husband’s weakness, I will not kill him, “coaxed Aria Cliff again.

Finally, Serunting’s wife pity saw her sister who kept begging, then she told him that Serunting’s power was in the weeds that vibrated even though they weren’t blown by the wind.

The next day, before the match, Cliff Aria had already stuck her spear into the reeds that vibrated even though they weren’t blown away. Serunting was finally badly injured and lost.

Serunting knowing that his wife told Aria Tebing about his weakness, felt betrayed that Serunting finally went wandering, he meditated in Guning Siguntang.

While he was meditating, he heard Hyang Mahameru’s voice, “O Serunting! I will pass the magic power to you, do you want to “asked Hyang Mahameru.

“I want that magic power, O Hyang Mahameru, I want that power,” replied Serunting.

However, there is one condition, that is, you must meditate under a bamboo tree. After your body is covered by the leaves of the bamboo tree, then you can get that strength, ”said Hyang Mahameru.

Two years passed, Serunting was still meditating, finally the leaves from the bamboo tree had covered them. Now he has the supernatural power that every word that comes out of his mouth will become reality and a curse.

One day, he intends to return to his hometown, in Sumidang. On his journey, he cursed all the sugarcane trees to stone. “Hey sugar cane, be a stone,” he shouted aloud. And in an instant, the sugar cane trees became stone. Then along the banks of the Iambi River, he again cursed everyone he met to stone.

Gradually Serunting became a proud and arrogant person. Finally, people dubbed him the bitter tongue. However, when Serunting arrived at a bald Serut Hill, he began to realize his mistake. Then he turned Serut Hill into a wood forest. In an instant the hill turned into a timber forest until the local people thanked him because the hill had become a timber forest which would produce abundant timber and sold in the market to make ends meet.

Then he continued his journey and arrived at Karang Agung Village. Serunting seeing an old hut inhabited by an old husband and wife. Serunting came to this very old husband and wife. Serunting pretends to ask for a sip of drinking water.

The pair of grandparents are very friendly and kind. It turned out that they had wanted to have a child for a long time to help them work. Serunting also granted it.

When he saw a strand of hair that was falling out on his grandmother’s clothes, Serunting took it and turned the hair into a baby. The old couple was happy and thanked Serunting.

As happy as being happy can help others. For the rest of his journey, Serunting learns to help and tries to help people in trouble. But even though the words that came out of his mouth were good words and to help people in need, people still called him the name The Bitter Tongue.