Rendang is a wealth of traditional Indonesian food that is world-famous. Because it has a delicious taste and of course everyone thinks that the food has the same assessment that rendang has more value.

Rendang is an Indonesian culinary originating from the Minangkabau area in West Sumatra and spread throughout Indonesia over the years, encouraging the popularity of this iconic life. So do not be surprised if the term Padang cuisine is always associated with the presence of rendang. In its development, authentic Minang cuisine also transcends national boundaries. From those closest to Singapore and Malaysia, until now reaching Europe and America. This is then reinforced by our country’s ever-active culinary diplomacy program, so that the popularity of rendang and Indonesian cuisine as a whole is increasingly global.

These things certainly encourage us to be able to serve this legendary dish ourselves at home, as a daily menu or to break the fast during Ramadan. Especially because of our love for Indonesian cuisine. Rendang, when cooked properly the flavor will be perfect with its tender meat and rich spices. But the opposite is when cooked in a way less precise, then the rendang will feel dry, hard, even burnt.

Therefore, let’s find out some tips on how to cook beef rendang below!

1. Use the right portion of beef

The characteristic of rendang is that it is cooked for a long time so that the spices seep evenly into the meat. Therefore, for beef rendang, use a solid part of meat such as the thigh – especially the outer thigh. Avoid using soft meat, such as deep has because this type will be easily destroyed if cooked for a long time.

2. Process meat and seasoning properly

To get the maximum taste, rendang seasoning should be made from fresh ingredients which are mashed by grinding and not by using a blender. After mashed, pour coconut milk and then boil with fine herbs. After thickening and removing the oil, then put the meat to be cooked until cooked.

3. Use enough coconut milk

Coconut milk is one of the main ingredients that gives a savory flavor to the rendang seasoning. Therefore, the use of coconut milk in sufficient quantities will play an important role in the rendang taste. Usually the ratio of meat to coconut milk is 1: 3, which is every 1 kg of meat equivalent to thick coconut milk from 3 grains of coconut. If you want to make spicy rendang, every 1 kg of meat can use 250 grams of chili and thick coconut milk from 4 grains of coconut.

4. Cook rendang with low heat

To make the spices absorb in and the meat tender, rendang should be cooked over low heat for several hours. If you like dry rendang, then cook for 5-6 hours. If you want to cook wet rendang, cook for about 4 hours. If it is only cooked for 3 hours, then it is not rendang, but the pot of meat which is wet and has a mixture of coconut milk and spices in large quantities.

5. Stir in the rendang to taste

As long as the beef rendang is cooked in seasonings, the meat does not need to be stirred constantly to prevent it from breaking down. However, rendang also needs to be stirred occasionally so as not to burn. Of course, caution needs to be stirred so that the shape of the piece of meat is maintained.

Let’s apply these five tips when trying the beef rendang recipe from Royco! The rest, our love for Indonesian culinary will foster a fondness for cooking from time to time. Thus, the five tips above will be equipped to accompany our experiences in the kitchen. The right way to cook rendang will certainly produce tender beef rendang with extraordinary taste.


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