For those of you who are expatriate workers or will start living in Indonesia who work in Indonesia, of course, you will have a need to take care of your health and your business office employees. One of the needs that can affect your health is choosing a catering service.

Make sure that the catering you need must be clean and hygienic so that the staff and workers who work are not only satisfied, but also able to enjoy the food that is available and maintain their health. Also keep in mind, you have to adjust it to your financial condition so as not to burden the company or business you have.

Here are some ways to have a catering service that is clean, hygienic and the best in Indonesia:

1. Adjust to the financial condition of your company or business institution

Cost has an important effect on the food served to staff or employees. Make sure you choose catering according to the financial conditions of the business institution or company where you work or the company you have. If you choose an affordable catering, you have to pay attention to the quality of the food served.

It is important for you to compare each catering service business to get the best price.

2. The Menu Served

Also think about the food menu that you want to serve. Some office caterers specialize in ordering certain types of food, from snacks to heavy meals, or even both. In this case, you can adjust the office needs and the company’s financial condition. Also make sure the menu you get is according to your ability.

3. Conducting Surveys

Don’t easily believe in advertisements, prove yourself the quality to the taste of the food from the office catering service. In this case, you can do a taste survey directly to the catering service located.

By experiencing food directly, you will be able to judge whether the catering service is able to provide the best service and taste that you want.

4. Varying Menu Options

Don’t let staff or employees get bored because of the boring food menu. It’s a good idea to choose an office catering service that is able to provide food with delicious flavors and provides a large selection of food menus. Thus, you can provide a more varied menu every day to employees at the office.

5. Choose Trusted

Avoid choosing services that are not able to meet the office catering needs for employees. Those who are trusted will work professionally and well in serving their clients. In addition, they are also able to provide menu choices, delicious flavors, and of course the food is provided in hygienic and healthy conditions.

So, healthy and hygienic food can of course help your employees or company workers work better and maximally because they get the best attention from you. Hopefully our articles can help you to succeed in working in Indonesia.


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