In the Minangkabau culture, marriage is one of the important events in the life cycle, and is a very significant transitional period in forming a small family of new descendants. For Minang men, marriage is also a process to enter a new environment, namely the family of his wife. While for the wife’s family, it is one of the processes in adding members to their Rumah Gadang community.

In the Minangkabau traditional marriage procession, commonly called a baralek, has several stages that are commonly carried out. Starting with maminang (propose), manjapuik marapulai (picking up the groom), to basandiang (biting at the aisle). After the maminang and the Manantuan Day agreement (determining the day of the wedding), then it was followed by an Islamic wedding which is usually done in the mosque, before the bride and groom match at the aisle. In certain nagari after the consent granted in front of the headman or lord, the bridegroom will be given a new title as a substitute for his first name. [45] Then the surrounding community will call him with the new title. The nickname usually starts from Sutan, Bagindo or Sidi (Sayyidi) in the coastal area. Meanwhile in the Luhak Limopuluah area, this title award is not valid.

Source : wikipedia