Do you have bad habits? If you have bad habits, of course you will have a real hope that you can change these bad habits right now! by replacing them with habits that are better for yourself.

1. Understand your Circle of Habits

Understanding the habits you do is something you must know if you want to change. What are bad habits for you? Is sleeping all day or lazing around a bad habit?

Is eating good food without exercise, and being lazy to move around is a bad habit for you too? And examples of pictorial questions just you alone can answer them.

Write down the bad habit at what time you do the habit, and what is the trigger .. You need to know also after knowing your habit circle, you must also know what the trigger is?

For example, you are used to sleeping at 02.00 in the morning, because from 21.00 at night to 02.00 in the morning you are too cool and happy to play on your smartphone so you forget the time so that your sleep time for rest is not enough even you wake up late until finally you go to the office. being late and becoming a circle of your habits, from here on we already know that the triggers that make you late to work, don’t sleep enough and become lazy, not excited.

2. Make a Plan

When you know the triggers for yourself to have bad habits, of course you need to plan new good habits. An example of a new good habit is to start the habit of turning off your smartphone or storing your smartphone at 21:00 and starting to rest so that your sleep time can be very, very sufficient to rest so that when you wake up in the morning at 05.00 in the morning your body becomes fit and not tired.

You can be enthusiastic about working and have a plan to make yourself have a healthy lifestyle. From this you can change your bad habits with new habits that are good for yourself.

Indeed, changing new habits is difficult, very difficult to implement, but you need to know that you have to force this so that your mindset follows your new habit, so that your mindset will get used to it and try to do it if you fail to repeat it while you are still living in this world. can still keep trying and trying again.

Do you realize that you have experienced school in your life?

When you were studying at school, of course you would still go to school and come according to the school schedule right? yes because at that time you had made a new habit of going to school and you would do it either in the morning or in the afternoon until you finally graduated right?

Unconsciously you go to school and will be able to get used to new habits that are useful and make yourself disciplined and have positive habits. Hopefully this article is useful. Come on, get interesting information from


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