Indonesia has several famous cities. One of the famous cities is Solo. This city, which once had a mayor who has become president of Indonesia, has a history because traces of the life of Homo erectus were found in Sangiran, Sragen Regency. In addition, a study states that the name Solo exists because the city of Surakarta was founded in a village called Sala Village, on the banks of the Solo River.

Until 1744, Solo was known as a remote and quiet village, 10 km to the east of Kartusura, the center of the Mataram Kingdom at that time. However, during the leadership of Susuhan Mataram Pakubuwono II, the Mataram Kingdom, supported by China, fought against the Dutch. As a result Kartusura was finally occupied by the Dutch. This condition forced Pakubuwono II to find a more profitable place to rebuild his kingdom and in 1745 the kingdom at Kartusura was dismantled and transported in a procession to Surakarta, on the banks of the Solo River.

However, the glory of the kingdom continued to decline, in 1757 a rival kingdom from Mangkunegoro was established right in the center of Solo. Yet the aristocrat wisely avoided battle and devoted his energies to cultivating graceful and charming royal arts and culture. The gamelan pavilion became a new arena of competition, each competing kingdom produced a more refined royal culture and this condition still continues today. Come on, get interesting information about Indonesia only at

Source : Dinas Pariwisata Solo